‘You Are’ Crayon Campaign Helps Boost Children’s Self-Esteem


INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis woman boosts self-esteem in children using positive affirmations.

With every box of crayons Angela Moore shares with children in the community, she lets them know they are worthy.

“You can do anything and accomplish anything in the world,” Moore said.

They are more than just pencils. It’s part of what’s called the “You Are” campaign.

Five-year-old Olivia is on the front of the pencil box and presents her puffs with a tiara saying “You”. Next to her is Tahj, 8, with a crown that says “Are”. Each pencil then has words of affirmations, such as “amazing”.

The pencils also say “beautiful”, “awesome”, “unique” and more.

“And we have ‘dazzling,’ ‘victorious,’ ‘brilliant,’ ‘strong,’ and ‘appreciated.’ That’s exactly what you all are,” Moore told the kids.

Moore’s vision to send out these positive affirmations began two years ago right here in her east side shop when she was hosting a children’s book drive.

“I bought books written by African Americans from bookstores and coloring books owned by African Americans. When I went looking for crayons to go with coloring books, I couldn’t find any. “Moore said.

So she decided to create her own using Olivia and Tahj as an inspiration for all minority children to let them know that they are all of that and more.

“Just because a person lives in poverty doesn’t mean they’re not valued, and I think in some communities I think that’s the message that some kids get. We think every child deserves to see themselves in the spotlight or on a product so they know they’re valued, too,” Moore said.

She has already inspired several young children.

“It’s beautiful,” Olivia said.

“It warms my heart because I know that my work is not in vain and that every country deserves to see itself represented in this country,” Moore said.

For every box of pencils ordered online, another box is donated to a disadvantaged child.

Anyone interested in participating in the “You Are” campaign can visit its website.

Moore distributes these pencils in schools, communities and sells them in his shop. She is also working on a coloring book to go with them.


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