York man charged with burglary, theft of lingerie, theft of a weapon and methamphetamine | Recent news


YORK – Matthew Jinright, 47, of York, has been charged with burglary, possession of a deadly weapon while committing a felony and possession of a controlled substance in a case that began with a report of theft of lingerie and adult items.

The case began on January 30, when a woman contacted the York County Sheriff’s Department, reporting that while she was incarcerated at the Seward County Jail, she believed Jinright had broken into his residence and had stolen $200 worth of items including lingerie, adult clothing items, stuffed animals, coloring books and cell phones.

She later reported that he returned some of her belongings, but not the lingerie or adult items. The woman described Jinright’s white van, which a deputy saw in Waco. Upon searching the records, he discovered that the license plates were supposed to have been attached to a blue van, not the white one. The deputy also saw Jinright commit a traffic violation, so a traffic stop was issued.

During the stop, the deputy saw some of the reported stolen items in the vehicle and a search of his person was conducted, due to the report that he was in possession of a stolen firearm. During that search, the deputy (according to court documents) said he found a vial containing methamphetamine in Jinright’s shoe and was arrested.

A canine unit arrived and the dog alerted to the presence of narcotics. During a search of the vehicle, deputies found a broken part of a glass pipe containing methamphetamine and a saber with a blade measuring 21 inches long.

During a search of Jinright’s residence, deputies found five packages of lingerie, two pairs of leggings, a variety of different types of women’s underwear, and stolen adult items.

He was charged with three crimes, one being class 2A, another class 3 and the third class 4.

The case was remanded to district court as Jinright waived his preliminary hearing in York County Court.

Indictment proceedings are ongoing.


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