xQc complains about not winning 2022 Streamer Awards


Felix “xQc” Lengyel was one of the most popular streamers in attendance at the first annual Streamer Awards.

The Hollywood-style event featured a red carpet and awards show, with xQc appearing in clothes that many considered a little too casual. Even without a costume, xQc probably got the most attention from all the streamers in the room thanks to his impressive following and big personality.

xQc has over 10 million subscribers on Twitch, making it one of the largest on the platform. He is also one of the most subscribed streamers as well as the richest, according to Twitch leaks from last year. Due to its success, xQc was named Streamer of the Year.

Many thought xQc had the category in the bag, but instead the award went to Ludwig “Ludwig” Ahgren, mostly thanks to YouTube streamers’ iconic 2021 sub-athon. Still, xQc fans felt that the controversial former Overwatch League pro had been robbed.

xQc Quickly Removes Tweet Complaining About 2022 Streamer Awards

As fans kept wondering how xQc could attend an awards show and not win a single award, xQc decided to tweet about it. Well, sort of.

xQc was writing a tweet that he seemed unsure of when he was allegedly bumped into, causing him to send the tweet by mistake.


He followed up by deleting the tweet and following it up with the following:

Unfortunately, many fans had the good sense to capture the odd tweet moments after it was accidentally sent. Some don’t know what the tweet means because it looks like his tweet was cut and unfinished before he sent it, but it looks like he was trying to say “mainstream” before being cut off.

As xQc attempted to explain why the L didn’t bother him, it struck some as salty. Others noted that it was clear he wasn’t particularly invested in securing an award regardless. xQc didn’t even ask anyone to vote in advance, which likely contributed to him leaving empty-handed.

xQc steals the show despite not winning at the 2022 Streamer Awards

Even though xQc didn’t win any trophies, xQc was definitely one of the most important figures in the event. Not only that, but xQc was causing a lot of chaos.

While many streamers arrived in tuxedos and dresses, xQc decided to keep it casual. Many joked that he looked like a “tramp”, but others added that he was also probably the richest person in all of theater.

Coloring books were distributed to each table as a joke in the middle of the show. But xQc actually decided to dedicate part of the awards show to coloring very intensely. Her extreme focus on coloring instead of the awards show definitely kept people entertained.

xQc also had harsh words for the show’s host and creator, QTCinderella. When asked at the awards show what could be improved for next year, xQc replied, “Everything. Jokes…”

At the after-party, xQc’s behavior was the opposite of what you would expect at a fancy event. Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker caught him crouching in the corner with pizza and beer, looking out of place amid the chaos of high-end streamers.

Despite all of xQc’s antics, his fans know that it’s only the streamer who is true to himself. xQc has always maintained the same public image over the past few years, never seeming too flashy except for its expensive car purchases.

It’s unclear if xQc is really upset that he didn’t win an award at the 2022 Streamer Awards, but it looks like he stole the show anyway.


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