Why are most PC parts and gadgets black? (2022)


While shopping for PC components, latest gadgets or any electronic device, you might have noticed that the main color most of them are sold in is black. With a few exceptions for white, silver, and gray, black is the most common color for electronics.

There are various reasons why manufacturers choose to paint their products black, or rather not paint them and sell them as is, black. Including for psychological and financial reasons, this article will discuss the coloring patterns of electronic devices.

Black is the most popular shade for all electronic devices and gadgets

1) Immersion

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Most TVs, monitors, phones, and other screens come in black, so the color doesn’t grab the viewer’s attention and spoil the experience. When watching TV, the manufacturer’s goal is for users to see only the screen and stay immersed; other colors may stand out and distract from what is displayed. It’s the same reason the lights are turned off in theaters.

The RGB lights stand out more when the product is dark, which makes the gadget more attractive. At the same time, the RGB can be turned off to make the gadget minimalist, giving users two different looks for their setup.

2) Long lasting

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Since most electronics and gadgets are made of plastic, the best color for them is black so that they show wear. If the plastic is white in color, the white will turn yellowish over time and lose its appeal, and this is due to sunlight and UV damage. Moreover, other colors also begin to fade while black stays the same for years. Black-colored objects also don’t pick up fingerprints, which keeps them overall consistent.

3) Control costs

The PlayStation 5 Black Edition (Image via Sony)
The PlayStation 5 Black Edition (Image via Sony)

The added cost of paint on gadgets is something manufacturers tend to avoid. Production costs increase when thousands of devices are made, and the goal is to save every bit of cost to maximize profits. Even though plastic starts out translucent, the cheapest pigment is black or white for manufacturers.

4) Heat management

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A lot of heat is generated by the electronics when in use, and the black tint is best to help manage and diffuse it. As the black color absorbs heat, the product acts like a heating sponge and absorbs all internal heat. Therefore, since black can absorb more heat than it can dissipate, there is a net loss of temperature, which keeps the environment relatively cooler.

5) Black is neutral

“Research suggests that people make a subconscious judgment about a product within 90 seconds, and 62% to 90% of that assessment is based on color alone.” invs.io/3d747ob

Research indicates that the first thing consumers notice is the color of the product, and black is the longest in marketing and sales. It is a neutral shade that does not dominate other aspects of the product and can be associated with elegance, modernity and luxury. Black, white and silver have been shown to be the least offensive to people, thus appealing to a wider audience. Considering all other aspects, manufacturers choose to sell their products in black.

To note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinions of the author only.

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