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Ring in the extravagant edition of the Dubai Shopping Festival with must-see offers and entertainment

As Dubai becomes the ultimate shopper’s paradise, the top brands in UAE are all set to offer some of the fantastic discounts and give their consumers this DSF. Over 1,500 brands will be offering discounts ranging from 25 percent to 95 percent, so there’s a lot more added to the list of things you can earn throughout the mega event, from electronics to skincare. personal. The celebrations are in full swing and the prices? Even better! Sharaf DG is one such platform offering some of the biggest savings this year. In line with the DSF, the brand offers a multitude of products at competitive prices for a smooth shopping experience.

Samsung UA43AU8000UXZN 4K Dynamic Crystal UHD 43 inch Smart TV

Sharaf DG

Immerse yourself in the picture with a billion shades of color Dynamic Crystal Color offers realistic variations so you can see every subtlety

AirSlim Crystal UHD features an ultra slim profile, allowing your TV to blend effortlessly into your interior for a minimalist look that stands out elegantly. Dynamic Crystal Color offers realistic variations so you can see every subtlety. Crystal 4K processor Powerful 4K scaling gives you up to 4K resolution for the content you love. You will also experience more realistic color expressions thanks to its sophisticated color mapping technology. HDR High Dynamic Range increases the range of light levels on your TV so you can enjoy a huge spectrum of colors and all visual detail, even in the darkest scenes.

LG Refrigerator Side by Side Refrigerator 679 Liters GRB257KQDV Linear Compressor Inverter Mega Capacity

Smart diagnostics

Sharaf DG


With 627 liters of mega capacity, you can enjoy better organization and smarter storage. Refuel and store everything you need.

Moist Balance Crisper ™

The excess moisture in the food evaporates and then condenses on the network instead of forming puddles around your food, thus maintaining the correct moisture balance in the box.

ENERGY SAVING with the linear inverter compressor

LG’s single inverter linear compressor uses a linear piston drive instead of a conventional reciprocating drive. This generates less internal friction, which translates into up to 32 less energy consumption. LG’s linear inverter compressor is also covered by a 10 year warranty.

Why an inverter linear compressor?

The linear inverter compressor has less friction points because it has no seals and starts and stops smoothly when the compressor is running, so the noise is lower than that of the inverter compressor.

Smart diagnostics ™

You won’t have any problem if your refrigerator does. LG’s Smart Diagnosis ™ makes it easy for you to solve any problem. LG call center representatives can quickly diagnose most issues over the phone, saving you the time and expense of a service call during your busy schedule.

Panasonic Bottom Load Water Dispenser SDMWD3438BG

Sharaf DG

The Panasonic Sleek Design Bottom Loader Bottom Load Water Dispenser with hot, cold and normal water options. The construction is stainless steel for the hot and cold water tanks. It has an anti-fingerprint stainless steel door for the cabinet as well as a double safety device to prevent overheating. It helps keep toddlers safe with a child safety lock for the hot water faucet.

  • Unit dimension: 310 (W) x 360 (D) x 1040 (H) mm
  • Finish: Black & Stainless Steel

LG 20 Liter microwave oven MS2042DB

Sharaf DG


You can achieve even heating thanks to the optimal microwaves coming out of the specially designed slots and the Echo Reflection inside.

EasyClean ™

LG’s revolutionary EasyClean ™ coating reduces much of the effort required to remove food residue. It prevents dirt from sticking to the interior walls, which makes cleaning the oven much easier. Due to the coating’s strong resistance to residue build-up, consumers can have a much cleaner and healthier cooking experience.

Global menu

By simply pressing the buttons, you can easily cook different types of food in 4 regions. Enjoy the taste and flavor of the world with recipes from LG.

Hisense 43A62GS 43-inch 4K UHD Smart TV

Sharaf DG

Ultra sharp with 4K Ultra HD Detailed images in 4K Ultra HD. 4 times sharper than Full HD: Ultra-fine detail in 4K UHD resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. 4K Ultra HD enables crisp images with exceptional depth, smooth movement, and vivid, high-contrast details.

Cutting-edge HDR technology

HDR technology (Dolby Vision, HDR10, HDR10 +, HLG) enables extra-large color space so that images can be displayed with high dynamic range. The finest details become visible to the viewer.

Upscaler UHD AI

UHD AI upscaling technology optimizes the FHD signal to near 4K quality. Instead of just extrapolating each pixel 4 times, Hisense UHD AI scaling technology analyzes the color spectrum of adjacent pixels and optimizes coloring scene by scene.

Easy to use thanks to VIDAA U5

Favorite apps can be individually organized and called up at lightning speed through the VIDAA U user interface, which can be customized. More flexibility, more individuality and faster response times. With VIDAA Free, free content is also accessible at a glance.

Weak blue light

Avoid harmful blue light. With the Low Blue Light software solution, Hisense televisions guarantee an optimized color display with lower blue light emissions, which is healthier for the human eye.

Frameless design

The extremely flat construction and the ultra-thin metal frame embody the minimalist and noble design. High quality materials combined with sophisticated technology underline the requirement for the highest quality.

Game mode

For the gamers among you, Game mode offers pure gaming pleasure. With ALLM, the TV automatically switches to game mode with the lowest latency in conjunction with the game console. Inconvenient settings via the remote control can be saved and you can fully concentrate on the game.

Voice assistants

The Alexa Built-In or Google Assistant voice assistants, which are happy to take your commands at the touch of a button on the remote control, offer maximum convenience.

Consumers in the UAE can find out more about home appliances and TVs this season at Sharaf DG and Sharaf DG stores online. Check out the full line and buy by visiting https://bit.ly/3DKlEPz.


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