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Native Americans were the native tribes that arrived in America approximately 15,000 years ago. Travelers from Asia are believed to be the first inhabitants of the country. Their nomadic way of life represented a joy of living and worshiping God. Vibrant people gave birth to beautiful Native American art.

The style is becoming popular again, so let’s look at popular types of Native American art!

Versatile Native American Pottery

Native American pottery was used to store grain and water. The containers were sturdy and the artists drew amazing black and white illustrations on them. They are neat and feature delicate geometric prints. Today these handmade pieces of art are available as:

Navajo pottery: Navajo pottery made from hand-dug clay has beautiful brown pots and vases. The drawings of symbols, geometric patterns and animals illustrate the tribal era.

Horsehair pottery: It is a unique style of pottery where horse hair, mane and tail are mixed with clay to form beautiful abstract designs.

Pueblo pottery: Pueblo pots made by one of the ancient Pueblo tribes are a feast for the eyes. Women made these pots by making long coils of clay and layering them. Then the jar was dipped in “slippery” water, giving it a smooth, shiny texture. It had polychrome colors, black on cream, etc. The representation of angles, flowers, animals, etc., looks extraordinary.

Storyteller Pottery: Storytelling pottery is beautiful art depicting the stories and mythological characters of the time. The pottery has extraordinary figures and is very attractive.

Wedding vases: As the name suggests, wedding vases mean wedding. The long cylindrical vases were placed outside the house where the ceremony took place. It looks very sophisticated and beautiful.

Beautiful Native American Paintings

All tribes of Native Americans have produced iconic art. They used root, berry and tree bark colors and created amazing hues. They crushed them and crushed them. Charcoal was also a very important colorant.

The painting showed the illustrations of wars, chiefs, headdresses, etc. The use of earthy tones with warm colors in extraordinary Native American paintings is a gift for our current generations. Replica Native American sand paintings are also available these days.

It is believed that an expert would draw this painting on the sand to cure anyone who was sick at that time. The person who needed healing had to sit on it. It has beautiful illustrations of mountains, patterns, animals, etc.

Hand Woven Sustainable Baskets

Amazing baskets were a necessity more than decorative pieces back then. But, the tribal peoples have infused an element of art into it. They used amazing skills, elements, colors and patterns, which are becoming popular now.

The baskets are made by winding, weaving and mixing the two techniques. The thread is provided with a solid base by both horizontal and vertical twinning. They used the materials based on their geographic availability.

For example, the Northwest Indians used sweetgrass. Pines and needles were used by southern tribes. At the same time, some of the others used spruce root, cedar bark, yucca and sumac.

Carpet With Enchanting Patterns

Native American rugs are undoubtedly the finest form of artistic endeavor. Carpets were used to live in harsh cold conditions. Talented trivial people have spun cotton to create incredible rugs that have grown over time.

It has geometric patterns, lines, angles and many shapes. Colors can be brown, white, red and maroon. Today, these vintage rugs are readily available, signifying the cultural diversity and history of Native American tribes.

Carving and delicate woodcarving

The exceptional craftsmanship of woodcarving in household items is a magnificent example of the precision and patience of the American tribes. One of the most popular examples of woodcarving is the Cherokee mask.

First, tribals used Cherokee wood to cut and carve faces, deities, and many figures. Later, tribes from all places began to carve on claystone, silver, gold, bronze, stone, ivory and glass. You can easily spot carved masks, utensils and many figurines. Everything is derived from Native American artists.

Beadwork by Tribals

Beads made of stone, shells, quills and bone were patiently carved with non-metallic tools. It was used in hair, clothing and many other decorative accessories. It quickly became a symbol of various tribes and the place they belonged to. Beading has been very modernized and is now used in many garments and accessories.

Bring Native American art to your home!

Native American art decor is trendy and looks very vintage. Plus, talented artists practice this art in its purest form to give your space a classic, country, western look. So, bring these beautiful natural and vibrant Native American settings into your home to respect the culture and rich heritage of Native Americans!


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