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How would you define an ultra-modern living room? Should it be bold and flashy? Or should it have tons of decorative items and luxury furniture?

An ultra-modern living room doesn’t need anything like this. Instead, it requires planning and using the right colors, furniture, and layout.

So how can you achieve this? Let’s find out.

Let there be more natural light

Modern living rooms don’t have to be stuffy. No matter how much luxury you pour into this setting, it will feel stuffy unless there is a lot of natural lighting.

To ensure access to natural light, one approach taken by architects is to design larger windows. You will often see houses and apartments with windows extending from the ceiling to the floor. In many cases, you will see them replacing an entire living room wall with such a window. These types of windows are called window walls.

In addition to window walls, you can also have a balcony outside. This allows for a more open experience inside the home.

Don’t overdo it with the walls

When planning to color the walls, don’t go for flashy colors or patterns. Keep things as minimalist as possible.

Walls in flashy colors like yellow or bright red often attract too much attention. When the sun is down and you have to rely only on artificial lighting, these walls can make the living room dark. You will need to install more lights inside the room to deal with this. However, this will be counterproductive, given that an ultra-modern living room setup should be minimalistic.

Choose colors that are bright but not flashy. White, light pink or blue and pastel colors will be more suitable for the walls of your living room. Choose one color pallet which makes the room cozy and ambient. Also, these light colors don’t require a lot of artificial lighting when it’s dark outside.

Get rid of your sofa or sofa and bring massage chairs

Modern massage chairs are beautiful to look at. They are much more attractive and modern than most sofas and sofas. You can check those by Wonder Massage Chairs if you find it hard to believe. These chairs can perfectly fit into any ultra-modern living room. Apart from their cool and futuristic look, these chairs also offer many other benefits.

Massage therapy can help relieve pain and improve blood circulation. They can also help you get rid of your stress. Zero gravity recliners are particularly effective in treating neck and leg aches and pains. So, replacing traditional furniture with massage chairs is not only good from an aesthetic point of view but also from a functional angle.

Keep the decoration minimalist

Never go overboard with your living room decor. The decor should complement the natural look of the living room. Under no circumstances can you allow it to dominate the setup.

Avoid throwing centerpieces and other decorative items here and there. Whatever decorative elements you may have, they must be properly arranged. The room will look messy if you have them lying around untidy.

A few pieces of art hanging on the walls should be enough for the ultra-modern look you’re going for. For the rest of the decor, place a small shelf, ideally in a corner of the room. Maintaining these standards will help you decorate the living room appropriately for the desired look.

Ensure more open space

It’s easier to secure more open space in your living room when you have a big house. However, for smaller houses, it becomes difficult to do so.

Either way, you can always guarantee more open space by keeping decoration to a minimum. Since you are using modern massage chairs instead of traditional furniture, you can save space.

Establish a green presence

Having plants inside the house is always a good idea. It’s refreshing to have a green presence, but it also makes the space look great.

For your living room, you need to get indoor plants. Some of the plants you can work with include fiddle leaf fig trees, Amazon lilies, Kentia palms and Meyer lemon trees.

Plants need a lot of attention and care. You may have to deal with insect infestations if you are not careful. One way to avoid this is to have plastic plants as decoration. However, it won’t be as refreshing as the real thing.

Ensuring these details in your living room will be more than enough to give it an ultra-modern look. Then, whenever you visit the bedroom to relax, you will feel soothed and peaceful while enjoying your time there.


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