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(QUICK INFOLINKS: Farmer’s market here, food here, vendors here, kids’ zone here, bus rerouting here)

11:11 a.m.: If you haven’t been to West Seattle Summer Festival yet you’ve got six more hours — or, even if you have, come back to see what you might have missed the first time, browse merchants’ sidewalk sales all year round. Some FAQs here in the information kiosk:

*Where is the farmer’s market? One block north.
*What bands are playing today? None – this year music was only scheduled for Friday and Saturday.
*Where’s the makeup? Mid-block elevated crosswalk over California between Oregon and Alaska.
*Where’s the cotton candy? Food zone, south side, towards the east end.
*Where are the Whale Trail scavenger hunt maps? Here in the information booth.

We’re on the north side of the Info Booth today; east side until 2 p.m., Seattle Police District Southwest Crime Prevention Coordinator Jennifer Danner (just over two weeks until Evening!).

Lots of freebies too – coloring books, crayons, tote bags. … A SDOT12:06 p.m.: The free “big games” got off to a late start, but are now up and running on the east end of the Kids Zone (SW Alaska between California and 44th):

The Seattle Kraken have free games next door:

12:35 p.m.: Without groups today, the only schedule note we have for you is the 3 p.m. Whale Trail presentation on the rescue of Springer the orca – just go to Center for the elderly (California/Oregon). … Latest news: it’s national ice cream day! You can celebrate with a West Seattle Vendor in the Food Zone (Alaska to West California) – the Shug’s Soda Fountain Cart!

They are on the north side of the food zone, near Junction Plaza Park.

1:30 p.m.: The sun is back ! Just half an hour to get to the Farmers Market (a block north of its usual location). It’s one more place where you can grab lunch and snacks – as we mentioned earlier, almost all the regular vendors are there, including those who cook food for you to enjoy on the spot.

2:01 p.m.: Surprise guest here at Summer Fest – Seattle Fire Ladder 11. It’s currently parked in Alaska near 42nd, and since we took the photo above, a firefighter has climbed to the end of the ladder.

(Photo from reader)

You can also drop by to say hello to the firefighters on the ground. …. The Farmers Market has closed, but the festival is still three hours away. We heard there was an afterparty at shadowland with live bands; the first report said 5pm, but Shadowland staff told us, when we went upstairs to ask who was playing, 7pm. We will return.

2:55 p.m.: The sun comes and goes.

And time flies, there are still two hours left at the festival. Thanks again to everyone who came by to say hello! Also your last hours to get a Summer Fest t-shirt:

To see the Junction Association volunteers on the southwest side of the information booth. The t-shirt design is also something of a memento marking a historic moment in time, with this year’s logo incorporating the orange traffic cone and near-stationary bridge – the only (hopefully) summer festival to happen. stand with a closed bridge. (Although if you look back 40 years to the roots of Summer Fest, that would take you to 1982 – two years before the current bridge fully opened.)

3:20 p.m.: Another FAQ: “Where is the beer garden?” None today as there is no music due to the Farmers Market taking over this space for the day. But you definitely have options for beer – like Elliott Bay Brewery (east side of California between Alaska and Edmunds, celebrating its 25th anniversary), and The Beer Junction (west coast of California, not far south of Oregon) among them.

3:40 p.m.: Name of the provider that draws the most attention to
the festival:

In festival names, we would award the sushi burrito and the bulb boba tea.

4 p.m.: The last hour rush is on! Queues for food from fairs and festivals – and the stall with elephant ears have just announced that they are sold out.

4:25 p.m.: Still a lot of wandering. We will be here until closing time at 5 p.m.; festival staff start breaking down immediately, but it will likely be a few hours before the streets reopen. One more note about the Shadowland afterparty – it starts at 5am, and the bands play inside, not outside. …Update, I just found out more. Five bands, 5 p.m. until closing. Shadowland is on the northeast corner of California/Oregon – 21+.


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