Watch This, Do That: Lightyear


Have you ever wondered what movie Andy was from toy story since it made him want to beg his mom for the new intergalactic toy on his birthday? Now you can see it for yourself. Experience an adventure through time with one of your favorite Disney Pixar characters, Buzz Lightyear.

Legendary Space Ranger, Buzz Lightyear travels to infinity and beyond and finds himself stranded on a new planet through no fault of his own. He tries his best to get home by testing hyperspace fuel and ends up traveling four years into the future each time. On his final journey home, he comes face to face with Emperor Zurg and must defeat him to return home. Here are some lessons to discuss with your children:

  • Never give up. Buzz traveled through space again and again until he succeeded. He was persistent and never gave up on the mission.
  • Accept help from others. The beginning of the film showed Buzz not wanting anyone’s help and trying to do everything on his own. In the end, he needed the help of others to succeed.
  • Be open to new friends. Buzz has always worked alone, but when given a robot support cat, Sox, he found an unexpected friend in him. On his last trip home, he also teams up with a few people who he may not have given the time of day because they were “rookies”.
  • Challenge yourself. When Buzz teamed up with the rookies, Izzy, Mo, and Darby, they knew nothing about the space ranger business. Izzy didn’t even like going to space, but she challenged herself to overcome that fear.

Movie-inspired activities

Now that you’ve looked Light yeartry these screen-free activities with your kids.

  • Design your own space ranger costume. Use felt, foam sheets and more to create your child’s Buzz Lightyear costume. Try this seamless costume by Having fun at home with the kids.
  • Create your own fuel composition. Check Little House of Sciences and use sugar and water to stack the colors on top of each other to create your own fuel composition.
  • Print Lightyear coloring pages. Kids will love coloring the scenes from the actual movie. The coloring pages are provided by Lola Lamb Chops.
  • Build your own rocket. Using cardboard, you and your little ones can create your own spaceship. Try this cardboard rocket tutorial by Create in Chaos.
  • Make a meat sandwich. Buzz returns after years and years and sees that people are now putting the meat on the outside of the sandwich and a piece of bread on the inside. Your kids will have fun with it.

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