Want better hair and better skin? You need a new shower head filter


Along with investing in a high-quality showerhead, having access to clean, chlorine-free water is one of the best and relatively inexpensive ways to improve your skin and hair. A shower head filter removes toxins like chlorine, an ingredient that strips natural oils from the scalp and hair, from water before it drains from the shower head.

Investing in a new shower head is an expert-approved decision to improve your skin and hair. According to senior colorist Tina Deeke of Maxine Salon in Chicago, “Having the water filtered, your hair and skin will be much less dry.” Your hair will also be less frizzy and much shinier as the natural oils remain to protect the hair and skin.

Best Shower Head Filters of 2022


How water affects skin and hair

Deeke, who has 18 years of hair coloring experience, argues that anyone who colors (dyes or highlights) their hair should install a showerhead filter, regardless of their hair color. “Some colored hair like reds tend to fade faster, and unfiltered chlorinated water can speed up the process. Highlighted hair is generally more porous, so adding a filter reduces exposure to the effects water agents, thereby improving the condition of the hair and scalp,” she says.

And a new shower head does wonders for your skin, too. According to clinical dermatologist Dr. Enrizza Factor, MD, shower head filters help prevent allergies and irritation caused by inhaling chlorine. “Chlorine-free bath water can also help make hair and skin healthier because you put less pressure on your skin to stay healthy,” she says.

Learn more about your local water

Depending on where you live, you are dealing with city or well water. City water usually has a high level of chlorine, and well water is usually full of minerals that cause buildup on hair, notes Deeke.

Curious about water quality at home? The Environmental Working Group has created a free online database where you type in your zip code and find out about potential containments in your local tap water source. The organization also provides a numerical rating based on the overall quality of your local water.

Types of shower heads

Before buying a shower head filter, Thumbtack home expert David Steckel advises determining which shower head is in your home. Here, Steckel briefly explains how he would explain each type to a customer when purchasing a shower head filter.

  • Hand shower heads have a pipe filter that you can remove from the wall and is sometimes an accessory that you install with a rain or fixed shower head. Keep in mind that most showerhead filters are not suitable for handheld showerheads.
  • Fixed shower heads are mounted on the shower wall and only protrude from the wall a few inches and slope downward. This is your standard shower head with multiple functions to change the type of pressure and a price range from affordable to premium.
  • rain shower heads have two to three times the diameter of a fixed showerhead, provide a smoother water distribution, and are usually installed from the ceiling or from a wall.

How to install

Good news: Steckel promises that installing a shower head filter is quick and very simple – the whole process should take beginners around 10 minutes.

The only tools you’ll need are pliers, a handy rag to avoid stripping and scratching your new fixture, and plumber’s tape, which is usually included with showerhead filter purchases.

“All you need to do to install a filter for a rain shower or a fixed showerhead is unscrew the fixture, screw the filter on with plumber’s tape, make sure it’s tight, but don’t also tight, then screw the fixture head back on with plumber’s tape,” says Steckel.

To help you get the softest hair and best skin of your life, I researched and found some awesome shower head filters that I would be willing to buy. These picks vary in capacity and price, but they all passed my vetting process, which includes studying the filter materials, the ingredients it adds or removes from the water, and reading hundreds of reviews. of products to guarantee the overall value of the product. Deeke also shared the showerhead filter that has been part of his routine for years.


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