Vermont mom sparks diversity with Little Patakha


Woman-owned company launches Kickstarter campaign to diversify toys and more

Vermont Business Magazine After having her daughter, Bangalore was born and raised Akshata Nayak, who lives in Vermont, wanted to share her Indian culture and pass on her traditions to the next generation. Realizing that there was a lack of diversity in children’s resources, she recognized an opportunity to open up a reading experience to all young learners.

This resulted in Little Patakha – or little firecracker, in Hindi. Starting first with books that introduce children to the Indian languages ​​of Konkani and Hindi, Little Patakha has grown to allow children to feel represented and experience diverse cultures through books, puzzles, toys, dolls, stickers and more.

Now Little Patakha is seeking supporters for an expansion of products – affirmation cards and puzzles – via a Kickstarter campaign. From now until May 8, 2022, contributors can help reach the $20,000 goal.

“We are excited to add to our existing offering of books, dolls, stickers and coloring books that introduce children to diverse stories, ideas and cultures,” said Akshata Nayak, Founder of Little Patakha. “Representation is vital in a world where there are more children’s books with animals as main characters than all minorities combined, and where boys are twice as likely to be protagonists as girls.”

The new mix-and-match puzzles will feature ten different characters in ten professions and present kids with hundreds of possibilities. The affirmation cards will come in packs of 20 with inclusive illustrations that teach young people to believe in themselves.

Through the representation of different cultures, ideas, languages ​​and people in its product line, the company introduces children from all walks of life to various sights, sounds and concepts from an early age. Little Patakha is founded on three main concepts;

  • to introduce new cultures through different aspects including languages, foods, celebrations, etc.

  • present authentic and inclusive perspectives through collaborations with marginalized communities by increasing representation both behind the scenes and in the products; and

  • to break stereotypes.

Those interested in supporting this campaign can find out more here.

About Little Patakha

Little Patakha (puh-Taa-khaa. Language – Hindi. Meaning – Firecracker) is a woman-owned company based in Vermont that offers children’s books, toys and other accessories. The company strives to transform and improve the products available to children with a focus on diversity and inclusivity. The company currently offers books, coloring books, interactive postcards, stickers, and a doll that introduces children to new ideas, cultures, languages, and concepts. Little Patakha was founded by Akshata Nayak who started the company hoping to break stereotypes and teach children that differences make innovation.

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