Turning Point – aLITE® – No Gas, Low Energy, Zero CO2 Emissions


Many dryers in printing and coating systems are fossil, mostly gas-powered. Large plants, high energy consumption (natural gas), high function-related CO2 emissions and now even more cost increases due to the gas supply situation, which, among other things, leads to costs incalculable and explosive due to the current war situation between Russia and Ukraine. There is no end in sight, certainly not in the short term.

The adphos group, as a technology leader in electrothermal drying and curing systems, today announces the turning point and replaces gas dryers and hot air ovens with aLITE® drying systems.

The company’s proprietary developed aLITE® technology enables ultra-fast drying (

aLITE® curing systems enable a wide range of CO2-free applications, both for printing and thin film coatings, as well as proven drying performance in seconds for thick films (e.g. , adhesive curing, impregnation processes or coloring systems).

adphos offers its customers analysis and verification in order to replace existing drying systems (especially gas dryers!) with aLITE® systems and thus benefit from the enormous advantages of this unique platform technology.

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