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Klasse14 Watches from Klasse14 (

Class14 timepieces are specially designed to spark conversation. The diverse offering of watches and accessories is clearly designed to make a statement and make for great choices. Watches are particularly eye-catching and a great option. Klasse14 is the mecca of casual and confident pieces for men. Unique and fashion-forward, minimal and simple, functional and beautiful, this accessories brand strives to create something new for men. They yearn for a unique experience, a new shape or color and an unusual or provocative combination. Klasse14 loves bringing their designs to their customers. Their products are the choice of the free thinkers, the intrepid and the adventurous. Klasse14 creates timepieces of remarkable design and craftsmanship, pushing its limits with a resolutely revolutionary spirit. These pieces are stylish enough to be worn casually on the weekends, paired with professional attire for work, or worn to put a smile on dad’s face while working from home or relaxing in retirement! Whatever the occasion, giving a Klasse14 creation evokes a festive feeling.

Cardinal watch in black steel from Benson Watch Company (
Want a timeless and elegant gift? Treat yourself or someone special to the beautiful Benson Watch Company Cardinal watch in black steel it goes with almost everything. A watch is a lasting gift, and this one will add elegance and style to the recipient. The design of this Cardinal Black Steel watch is not overwhelming, bulky or heavy on the arm. Instead, this clean, easily adjustable watch feels weightless when fitted to the arm and can be paired with any outfit, for any occasion, from daytime casual to elegant evening. This genderless watch comes from the Benson Watch Company, a black-owned luxury brand with a loyal following that exalts the belief that true fulfillment means spending time doing what you love. Founder Marcel Benson has always loved keeping watches and is said to have collected 100 since he was seven years old. His collection of watches inspired him to quit his corporate job and launch his own brand, designing modern luxury watches. Benson Watch Company’s Cardinal Collection line of watches was created by designer Marcel, who was inspired by a mid-20th century watch collection. In this special series, he mixes vintage luxury with modern minimalism and precise coloring for a piece that stands out subtly.

Casio PROTREK watch (
For a sportier watch look is the Casio PROTREK Watch— a series whose evolution seems to never stop. A new green colorway has been introduced to the PRG240 range, which is a model that embodies some of the best in functional beauty and ease of use that modern technology has to offer. The rotating bezel is specially designed for easy operation, even with gloves. Large letters indicating North, South, East and West are colored for easy reading. Dedicated direction, barometer, and altitude buttons provide direct access to readings, and the buttons are large with angled diamond patterns for high slip resistance during operation. Since “easy to press” often means “no more operation errors”, the back cover is designed to be the same height as the button surfaces, which greatly reduces the risk of operation error. The result is easy button operation, but only when you need them. The number of pointer lines has been increased from 60 to 72 for easier reading of world time and sunrise times. A TOUGH function SOLAR ensures stable operation even when using power-hungry functions. Also water resistant to 100 meters, this watch with a durable resin strap is ready for any outing.

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