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We’re boosting alphabetic awareness with this set of free printable letter W tracing worksheets. PreK-1st kids (classroom, homeschool, and home practice) will have fun with the 4 fun lettering activities for upper and lower case W letters.

Let’s have fun with the letter W!

Let’s practice writing the letter W!

Printable worksheets for letter W writing practice

These printable worksheets give kids a chance to practice developing fine motor skills while writing the lowercase letter and the uppercase letter W. The practice sheet set includes 2 pages of letter worksheets:

  • The first page is the convenient capital letter W.
  • The second page is the handy lowercase letter w.

These kids worksheets are a great way for kids to use different activities to practice writing and letter recognition skills. These educational worksheets are perfect for daily morning work as part of the Daily Letter activities!

Draw the letter W

Use the two dotted lines in the practice space to draw the letter W. Teachers know that consistent practice can help a child master the skills needed to write letters neatly.

Write the letter W

The following 3 dotted lines allow children to practice writing the letter W on their own. At first, it will be about forming letters and keeping the letter within guidelines. As children become more skilled, letter spacing and consistency can be practiced.

Find the letter W

In this area of ​​the worksheet, children can search through letters of different sizes and shapes to identify the correct letter of the alphabet. It is a fun way to play with letter recognition skills.

Draw something that starts with the letter W

At the bottom of the printable letter worksheets, kids can think about letter sounds and words that start with the letter W. Once they have chosen the perfect word that begins with that letter, they can draw their own – artwork, and then fill in the color their own letter W coloring page.

Download and print the letter W Literacy activities pdf here

Practice tracing for printable worksheets of uppercase and lowercase letters W - printed pdf displayed on dark background with letters of the alphabet and pencil - Kids Activity Blog
Let’s have fun with letter tracing worksheets!

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Did your child have fun with the printable letter W writing worksheets?


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