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The $33.7 billion U.S. supplements industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6% from 2021 to 2028. The COVID pandemic has accelerated industry growth due to heightened health and lifestyle awareness. welfare. Most nutrition retailers source supplements from private label manufacturers and focus on marketing and distribution. Modern manufacturers can help you conduct market research, formulate new products, support pilot launches, help with brand design and packaging, and deliver your orders directly to your customer. If you are having issues with your current supplement manufacturer, you can switch suppliers without affecting the quality of your supplements. Here are the top 5 supplement manufacturers in the United States.

pharmaceutical production line

Glanbia Plc


  • Large range of products
  • Presence in 19 countries and sales in more than 130 countries
  • Advanced technology for R&D support

The inconvenients

  • High minimum order requirements
  • High cost of supplements

Glanbia Plc is an Irish company with active supply chains in the United States. The company specializes in dairy-based supplements and is world famous for its whey-based nutritional products. Glanbia provides Energy Bars, Protein Powders, Dairy Proteins, Plant Proteins, Exotic Seeds/Grains, Cheese, Custom Premix Solutions, Botanical Micronutrients, Bioactive Ingredients, Cereals and Nutrition Products athletic. They offer advanced R&D support from the in-house Watson team (powered by TechVantage™). Watson Functionally Optimized ingredients deliver more potency and bioavailability to your raw materials.

You can select ready-made formulas or create a new product from scratch. The company manufactures unique products using Foodarom flavoring and EdiSparklz® for coloring. The company offers various SKUs and you can extend your brand to breakfast cereals, health drinks, clinical nutrition, consumer foods, salad dressings, sports performance supplements, organic nutrition, cosmetics and even pet care products. Glanbia Plc products are priced premium and have high minimum order requirements. It may not be suitable for smaller brands, but offers great scalability options for growing retailers.


Nutrition from manufacturers


  • Fulfillment of orders across the United States
  • Rare ingredients for specialized nutrition
  • Low costs and ready-to-use formulations

The inconvenients

  • Products are expensive
  • May face scalability issues

Makers Nutrition is a one-stop-shop for nutritional genres like vitamins, minerals, bodybuilding supplements, sports nutrition, and pet care. The New York-based company integrates different aspects of private label manufacturing with value-added services such as market research, formulation, packaging, brand design, component sourcing, warehousing, logistics and fulfillment services. You can ship your products anywhere in the United States through the Makers Fulfillment program. Makers Nutrition provides ready-to-use vitamin and mineral formulations and popular ingredients like collagen, CoQ10, whey protein and exotic herbs. Makers is a well-known sports supplement supplier famous for its distinctive components like Arginine, Tribulus, HMB, D Ribose and GABA. Makers Nutrition is best suited for medium-sized supplement brands with a minimum monthly revenue of $5,000. You can easily create a fully functional nutrition brand with Maker’s suite of services.


Randal Optimal Nutrients


  • Over 70 years of experience
  • Unique Products for Common Ailments
  • Transparent pricing and lowest minimum order quantity

The inconvenients

  • Poor quality packaging
  • Poor customer support

California-based Randal Optimal Nutrients has been manufacturing health supplements in the United States since 1947. The company takes a holistic manufacturing approach, creating supplements that meet the latest e-commerce standards. Randal is a highly respected brand known for its transparent pricing and high quality ingredients. They sell vitamins, minerals, protein powders and organic supplements. You can also buy specialty products on skin care, dental care, tissue concentrates, musculoskeletal support, neurological/mood support, sleeping pills, hair growth and gastro-detox .

Randal has well-established global sourcing agents who can help you source authentic, high-quality ingredients from any country. You can enjoy high profit margins as most of the products are quite reasonably priced. You can order as few as 60 bottles of a single product. For orders over 50,000 tablets, the brand offers a full range of custom manufacturing services such as formulation, testing, packaging and product liability insurance. Randal can be an excellent choice for new brands selling standardized nutrients.


Biological sciences


  • Profitable
  • Unique products
  • Fulfillment of orders with international shipping

The inconvenients

  • Scalability issues
  • High minimum order quantity

Biothrive Sciences offers a diverse basket of products across five nutrition verticals; dietary supplements, sports nutrition, general well-being, anti-aging and skin care. Their main products are vitamin supplements and whey protein. They also provide rare nutrients like creatine powder, casein protein, vegetable protein, BCAAs, adrenal formula, phytoceramides, CoQ10, teeth whitening supplements, keto pills, CBD manufacturing, appetite suppressants, fish oil, caffeine supplements, fat burner pills, forskolin, raspberry. ketones and garcinia cambogia. You can reduce your logistics and distribution costs with Biothrive product fulfillment services for domestic and international shipments. You can also get contract manufacturing and private labeling at reasonable prices.

Website –

Superior Supplement Manufacturing


  • Certified for e-commerce and export
  • High quality packaging with design support
  • CBD products available

The inconvenients

  • High minimum order quantity
  • No fulfillment service

Superior Supplement Manufacturing is a US-based supplement manufacturer founded in 2014. It provides custom formulations to several Fortune 500 companies, including Walmart, Walgreens, and Amazon. The company has all major food grade certifications such as NSF, GMP, USDA Organics, Health Canada, NPA, Kosher, Halal, etc., and all of its products comply with ever-changing FDA guidelines. You can easily export products to foreign countries without worrying about product safety and compliance. You can get the supplements in any form like tablets, soft gels, gummies, capsules, powder, balms, liquids, gels, creams, and tinctures.

The company received the 2019 Silver Award for Packaging Innovation from Dow Inc. and is considered a market leader in supplement packaging. The minimum order quantity is 3,500 units for pre-made formulations. You can quickly scale your brand with Superior as they offer value-added services such as formulation R&D, label/packaging printing, panel testing, third-party certifications, export documentation and supply of ingredients. Website–

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