Top 5 Most Creative Theme Restaurants in Nigeria


When considering becoming a restaurateur, one of the things to consider is branding. The restaurant industry is risky because if the product it offers is essential, it can be obtained from almost anywhere. Personal branding is what sets a business apart from just another regular business – it’s what customers relate to. This has caused restaurateurs to think about the best course of action leading to an increase in themed restaurants in Nigeria.

Finding innovative ways to manage a brand goes a long way towards a restaurant’s success. Word of mouth and social media also contribute, as people are more likely to visit a restaurant where they may have seen celebrities or influencers go, if only for the photos of the experience. that they will get.

Here is a list of restaurants with creative settings to enjoy fine dining:


Also known as the “cave” restaurant on social media, Kapadoccia is an innovative gourmet restaurant inspired by Cappadocia, a cave town in Turkey famous for its unique rock formations.

The menu mainly features Afro-fusion cuisine with a price list of N9,500 to N40,000 for the main course.

First launched in March 2021 in Abuja, Kapadoccia gave people a new atmosphere to enjoy good food right after a global pandemic lockdown ahead of its November 2021 opening in Lagos.

Pit stop

Pitstop is Nigeria’s first fitness-themed restaurant, decorated with bicycles and bicycle parts and accessories. The Pitstop brand is committed to promoting healthy collaboration with fitness enthusiasts.

The restaurant advocates a healthier lifestyle, as evidenced by its menu, its community of cyclists and runners, its membership in the Wattbike studio and its bike shop.

Their menu includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, cocktails, and coffee – which includes a custom blend of coffee. Customers can eat at this restaurant in the price range of 5,000 to 20,000 naira.


Amazonia is the only restaurant on the list that operates by reservation only. With a rainforest theme reflecting the Amazon rainforest in South America, this restaurant offers a menu inspired by different rainforest regions around the world.

The furniture and the ceiling reproduce a natural setting with their colors and textures, with sculptures of animals, woven chairs and plants. Instead of music, they often play white noise from the rainforest – the sound of birds, gorillas and chirping. The Amazon is relatively affordable with prices ranging from N3,500 to N30,000.


Sketch is Africa’s first 2D/3D restaurant. Similar to Kappadocia, the restaurant opened in Abuja in 2021, before adding a location in Lagos in 2022. The restaurant feels like a coloring book has come to life, with its monochromatic color palette and simple sketches. With each section, themed around ancient Egypt, Sketch aims to give the illusion of a two-dimensional/three-dimensional experience that stimulates people’s perception of the restaurant. Food at Sketch ranges from N5,500 to N30,000.

The House

Aptly named House, this restaurant is housed in a building with a warm atmosphere. It has several differently designed rooms, including one as a dining room, another as a living room, and even another as a café with books for customers to read.

The house has an interesting concept that offers an alternative dining experience, allowing people to eat every meal in the room of their choice. Food prices range from N3,000 to N20,000.


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