Tips for a passenger-friendly holiday


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) — Nearly 42 million people will hit the road during the July 4 holiday long weekend.

Despite high gasoline prices, car travel is expected to hit an all-time high.

And you may have planned your road trip perfectly, but if your passengers aren’t happy, no one will be. Instead of throwing a device at kids for hours of Tiktok, try something a little old-fashioned.

You can turn off the cell phone and let the kids color. April coloring is a coloring book app.

It’s like paint by numbers. There are dozens of images to choose from and new images every day. Rather than just tapping on a section to paint, you use your finger as a paintbrush. It’s free for a limited number of pages and super relaxing.

If the kids plan to watch movies or shows on Netflix or Amazon Prime, download them before you leave home. Both streaming services offer dozens of shows and movies that you can download to a device to watch without needing to connect to the internet. It will also keep playing even if you lose a 5G signal.

Do the same with music on Spotify, Amazon and Apple. Download playlists in advance.

On the highway, you may lose a connection as you move from one cell tower to another, and you may hit areas without cell service. If this happens, try turning airplane mode on for a second or two and turning it off again. This forces your device to search for the nearest and best cell tower signal.

And if you’re using Waze as your GPS, you can change the voice that provides turn-by-turn directions.

Young children can enjoy the voice of a cartoon dog or cat or a cartoon character. If you’re the type that doesn’t need someone else to tell them where to turn, you can record your own voice.

To save some cash, dive into those Waze settings and turn on speed monitoring to avoid a startling blue light in the rearview mirror, and don’t forget the Gasbuddy app either.

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