Thousands Attend Ready-Set Back-2-School 2022 Event in Bakersfield


BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KERO) — Back to school is fast approaching, which means students are getting all the supplies they need for the school year. But for some, help is needed and several organisations, including 23ABC, have organized an event to support these families.

School supplies, backpacks and food are some of the back-to-school necessities. And all this was accessible to the children of the Kern County Museum just before the start of the school year.

“When we saw a line around the block, they knew there was a need. That’s when the employees got together and started doing it,” explained Kristen Sakamoto, program manager for services. Kern County Child Support.

It was a community event started 13 years ago by the Kern County Child Support Services and others.

Sakamoto expressed the importance of having a variety of resources for students across Kern County with approximately 90 local organizations coming together to ensure families are aware of what is available to them here at home. .

“I think what’s really important to know is that this event, although it’s a backpack and resources, it’s really the community supporting each other. So we like to think that you pick up the backpack when you walk in, you can walk around, you can fill it in. So you don’t just start the school year with a backpack, but with a whole new set of things.

Sakamoto adds that every year kids can fill their free backpacks with coloring books, crayons and food, among other supplies.

Elizabeth Chaves, Director of Child Support Services for Kern County, says thank you to the Ready-Set Back-2-School Event they were able to donate over 39,000 backpacks to children from K-12. And this time around, they expect the number to increase.

“We know that right now inflation is something that affects every family, so we want every child to start the school year with a new backpack.”

And these kids were excited

Chavez told 23ABC that for the past 13 years they’ve received feedback from the kids, adding that there’s nothing like seeing their eyes light up.

“The smiles that children have when they go to get their backpack, the smile when they leave, the smile of parents who say thank you because they have received something that will help them.”

If you would like to make donations to support children in our community returning to school, you can visit the Kern County Child Support Services website.


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