These orchid and succulent LEGO sets are specially designed for adults


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Do you remember those flower coloring books for adults that were all the rage not too long ago? Maybe you’ve owned one and relaxed losing track of time filling in the patterns with color. One company that has discovered the benefits of creative and meditative activities is LEGO, which has started releasing sets specifically for adults. Among these is the Botanical collection, consisting of several plant-inspired sets designed with intricate details and a sophisticated darker color palette. The newest addition to the elegant flora collection are the orchid and succulent plant sets. According to the 2020 LEGO Play Well Study, 73% of adults often look for or think about ways to relax at least once a week, and more than 72% say playing helps them relax.

the Set of succulents in particular was created to provide a relaxing and mindful experience to help adults unwind by focusing on something they enjoy. “They say having succulents in a room helps you focus,” says LEGO Group senior designer Anderson Ward Grubb. “We hope this set gives the same feeling. The set builds nine different plants inspired by real succulents and cacti, including agave and aloe. Each comes in its own little black container, but can be attached to any part of the set’s base, so you can arrange and rearrange as you please. It comes with 771 parts and the finished model measures over 5 inches high and 6.5 inches wide. Created with the community in mind, it comes with three sets of instructions covering all nine plants, so invite two friends, open a bottle of wine and start building!

the Orchid set includes six white and pink flowers, two small flowers, five leaves and two aerial roots, placed in a light blue buildable pot. It’s also customizable: you can rotate the stems, flowers, leaves, and roots to create the look you want. Even the floor is buildable and includes pieces of “bark mix” for an authentic look. The design is inspired by a real orchid in the LEGO offices, which the team kept throughout the design process to observe how the flower changes through the seasons. Michael Psiaki, lead designer of the LEGO Group, explains that one of the challenges of the set was to create a cylindrical pot for the orchid from LEGO elements that “would be fun to build but also beautiful to look at”. Kit includes 607 pieces and measures over 15 inches high and 11.5 inches wide. And, says LEGO, “These elegant flowers are notorious for being difficult to keep alive, but we guarantee you won’t have that problem with this one.”

The Orchid and Succulents sets will release on May 1, just in time for Mother’s Day. Each set costs $89.99 and is available for pre-order on the The LEGO website.

LEGO introduces orchid and succulent plant sets to its Botanical collection kits specially designed for adults.

LEGO Orchids

LEGO hopes the builds will provide a relaxing, mindful experience to help adults unwind by focusing on something they enjoy.

LEGO succulent setLEGO OrchidsLEGO's Succulent set comes with multiple sets of instructions so people can build togetherOrchid and succulent LEGO sets designed for adultsLEGO orchid setSucculent LEGO set

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