The library for a new family activity | Community


Now that it’s too cold to take the family to the apple orchard or the petting zoo, why not come to the library on a weekend or a weekday evening? The Reedsburg Public Library has an inviting and educational atmosphere for children and adults, and can be a pleasant place to spend a few hours. During fall, winter and spring, the library is open seven days a week.

As you enter the library and turn right, kids will love finding the mascot hidden in the kids’ section. Our current mascots are plush pencils from the story “The day the pencils quit smoking”. Each week a different pencil or a combination of pencils are hidden in the children’s area. Children who report pencil color and location are rewarded with a colorful bookshelf button or sticker at the main library desk.

In addition to the thousands of volumes ranging from hardback books to upper elementary chapter books, the children’s section also contains a rocking chair, benches, tables, a six-sided activity station for busy hands, and a wooden play kitchen. Wooden “food” for the kitchen can be obtained from the children’s desk, as well as coloring pages and crayons, puppets, wooden puzzles, and costume clothes. All these elements are cleaned after use. Children can also enjoy the AWE computer workstation, which offers fun educational games.


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