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The multitude of characters presented in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt features instantly recognizable characters that are relatively easy to reproduce through cosplay. CD Projekt Red’s latest opus The witcher The game series is inspired by characters from Andrzej Sapkowski’s novel series, which the Netflix adaptation is also based on, but adds many of its own flourishes. In the eyes of many fans, the game series has the most visually iconic versions of the characters.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a fan-favorite action role-playing game, in which players take control of supernatural monster slayer Geralt of Rivia, in this open world, third person. The main story of the game follows the witcher, Geralt, and his search for his adopted daughter, Cirilla. Due to its popularity, many witcher fans have spent hours creating awesome cosplays of Witcher 3 characters with stunning results. These cosplay processes often involve painstaking recreations of outfit details and character appearances, from tiny curls to the right hair color; although this article will provide a guide on how to recreate the iconic Witcher 3 look easily.


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There is a lot of Witcher 3 characters with iconic visuals to choose from that would produce instantly recognizable cosplays, such as Triss Merigold’s flaming red hair or Dandelion’s casual purple hat. However, the details of these characters’ outfits will often be intricate and difficult to recreate using the modern clothing available. This guide will talk about some of the Witcher 3the most iconic characters from and how their appearance can be recreated relatively easily, using available clothing or cheaper alternatives to cosplay techniques.

Ciri is one of the easiest Witcher 3 characters to cosplay

Appearance of Ciri in The Witcher 3.

Perhaps the simplest character in The Witcher 3 in cosplay is Princess Cirilla de Cintra, who spends a lot of time fleeing the wild hunt of another world. Known as Ciri in The Witcher 3, Geralt’s adopted daughter has recognizable (and easily cosplayed) ash blonde hair and a facial scar. In its simplest form, Ciri’s outfit typically consists of a white shirt worn while traveling with an open neckline, a brown corset under the bust, dark brown leather pants, and brown boots to the top. on the knees. This look can be enhanced by adding brown leather gloves, a dark snakeskin belt, and adding studs to the pants, although these are not necessary to make a great Ciri cosplay. Accessories can include a sword on his shoulder and a Witcher cat medallion hanging from the belt, with more intricate cosplays aiming at small brown travel bags and a decorative silver belt.

Alongside the Witcher 3 costume, the important elements are of course the ash blonde hair tied back in a loose bun (easily achieved with a wig) and a large scar under the eye on her left cheek, which can be achieved with the cosplay trick of the glue , red food dye and cloth. Simple makeup can include smoky eyes with black spots, natural lips, and strong eyebrows. Ciri’s eyes are green in-game, so the green contacts will make the cosplay totally accurate, but they’re definitely not a necessity.

How to cosplay as Geralt from Witcher 3

Appearance of Geralt in The Witcher 3.

Once broken down, the protagonist of The Witcher 3 is also relatively easy to cosplay due to its recognizable characteristics, and the mods add Geralt’s different armor, leaving plenty of choice. Depending on the complexity desired, Geralt’s outfit can consist of a dark shirt, dark brown leather pants, and dark brown knee-length leather boots. Geralt’s Kaer Morhen armor consists of brown leather and chain mail, but there are some tricks to easily replicate chain mail, such as using aluminum rings instead of steel (which makes it much lighter) or even more simply of a fabric with a chainmail print. Armor panels can be created with Eva foam (like yoga mats) and either of these materials, and don’t forget to use a lot of brown leather. To complete, add accessories from two in-game swords and a Witcher wolf medallion; the latter can be purchased online.

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Once you have the outfit, Geralt’s next recognizable factors are his hair and scars. Geralt has shoulder-length white hair that is unique due to his Witcher mutations, which he often wears in a half-up half-down style, with a few small braids added for a tousled look. Geralt’s most prominent scar is the one that runs down the left side of his forehead, across his eye, and curves along the left cheek. A well-cropped white beard that can be painted, if not cropped, and an easy way to attach a Geralt cosplay is eyes: yellow contacts with cat pupils will give the finished look.

Easy to Yennefer cosplay guide from Witcher 3

Appearance of Yennefer in The Witcher 3.

Cosplay as The witcherVengerberg’s Yennefer would be relatively easy to reproduce as she has a very recognizable image. Yennefer’s signature color is black and her outfit consists of a long black velvet skirt, with a train and white trim. On top, a white cotton shirt appears under an intricate jacket with a slight floral pattern and sleeves up to the elbows. To facilitate this, a solid black velor jacket can be used, rolled up to the elbows to reveal the white undershirt, and add black velor gloves. Yenn’s travel outfit in Witcher 3 may be easier to recreate as she’s wearing black velvet skinny pants, tucked into black leather high heel thigh high boots. The signature look of the adorable Yennefer in The witcher consists of a black velvet outfit with no other color other than white, and maybe some black fur or feathers added. An iconic accessory is its jade star medallion that hangs from a thick leather collar; recreations of this intricate pentagram can be found online for purchase to enhance the look.

The raven haired beauty has simple and recognizable features, mainly a head of long loose curls in the distinctive raven black color. Like Geralt, Yenn has a surprisingly unique eye color, so adding purple contacts would definitely enhance the look in a simple way. Simple makeup can be done with dark smokey eye shadow with strong black eyeliner on the upper lids and soft raspberry red lipstick. Her distinctive moles can be easily added with brown eyeliner or similar makeup product, one placed under the left corner of her lips and two more on her right cheek, the upper one slightly larger.

How to easily cosplay as Vesemir in Witcher 3

Appearance of Vesemir in The Witcher 3.

The Witcher: The Wolf’s Nightmare, a Netflix animated film, presented Witcher 3 character, backstory and story of Vesemir with Kaer Morhen. Having trained both Geralt and Ciri, Master Witcher is another Witcher 3 character that could be easily cosplayed. Vesemir’s armor is a bit intricate, featuring a blue quilted coat, leather shoulder, chain mail, spiked armbands, and plenty of buckles. This outfit can be simplified by using a mock chainmail for the undershirt and gloves, and perhaps omitting intricate aspects, such as spiked armbands. A blue quilted coat, chain mail and leather armor would do the trick. Like other wizards, Vesemir usually carries a sword, so this would be a nice addition alongside a wolf pendant.

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One of the reasons the game version of The witcherVesemir would be so easy to cosplay as his signature look. The shriveled witcher has shoulder-length gray hair that is slicked back, and his unique gray handlebar mustache and soul patch. In the game, Vesemir has yellow eyes similar to Geralt’s, which are easily found as contact lenses. Adding finishing touches of scars, one above the left eye and one on the chin, would really complete this look.

Overall, these characters represent the easiest cosplays to The Witcher 3 because of their recognizable features and iconic outfits. Of course, the ease of a cosplay depends in part on the materials already available, and it should be remembered that anyone can cosplay however they want, regardless of different physical attributes. That being said, some Witcher 3: wild hunt the characters would be fun to cosplay, but would be quite complex to recreate with precision, like Dandelion’s fancy outfits and his extravagant purple hat.

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