The Dexter Community Schools Art Walk is back!


It will be exciting to see the wonderful art created by local students once again on display in Dexter town center in the weeks to come.

After a two-year hiatus due to COVID, the Dexter Community Schools Spring Art Walk is back.

The artwork selected by each of Dexter’s Community Schools Art teachers will be displayed in downtown Dexter at participating businesses for artists, their families and the public to view for approximately one month.

DCS said the show will be open to the public beginning Sunday, April 17 (for businesses with Sunday hours) and will run through Sunday, May 15. The artwork will be exhibited during the regular business hours of each participating business.

Dexter art teachers said the community can expect a very wide assortment of work from kindergarten to grade 12, with mediums like watercolor and acrylic paint, ceramics, metals, oil pastels, colored pencil and graphite, digital photography and other digital artwork. , etc

Participating companies this year are: PNC Bank, Hearts and Flowers, Hackney ACE Hardware, The Dexter Bakery, Huntington Bank, Aubree’s, REVIVE, The Dexter Pub, The Dexter Creamery, Shear Bliss Salon and Dexter Library.

Ahead of the event, The Sun Times News reached out to some of the artists/students to talk about their pieces.

Dexter High School junior Jessica Wagenschutz chose her Color Theory Cityscape piece.

She described her origin.

“For this project, we were tasked with creating a cityscape from a bird’s eye view and coloring it in a specific color scheme,” she said. “I thought it would be fun to put my own spin on the project by creating my cityscape out of entirely fictional buildings. This included 221B Baker St., The Avengers Tower, Friends apartment building, Orwell’s 1984’s The Ministry of Truth, and others. I chose a cool toned color palette to color my buildings.

Jessica Wagenschutz’s artwork to be exhibited. image courtesy of Dexter High School

Chloe Fawcett, a junior, also described her piece, which is a principled accordion book.

“A balloon dog is a silly little symbol of childhood that I can embrace and grow into new ideas!” she says. “In this way, it’s like taking aspects of my childhood and developing them into concept art that can help me become a stronger artist!” As I grow, my perspective also changes, but the sure familiarity of a clumsy balloon dog will always comfort me on my path to betterment.

Chloe Fawcett Principles Accordion Book. image courtesy of Dexter High School

For her piece, which is a Fauvist self-portrait, junior Emily Schultz said, “My portrait uses analogous colors like yellow, yellow-orange and red. As well as the complementary blue color for the background. My favorite part of this portrait is the swirls, they really make the paint flow.

The portrait of Emily Schultz. image courtesy of Dexter High School

And another unique DHS piece that will be on display is that of sophomore Allison Bockrath.

“My project was two coloring book pages,” Allison said. “A page represents ideas coming out of a light bulb. This represents ideas coming out of the brain. The other page is all about nature, whether it’s an insect, a plant, and flowers. Honestly, in the end, the two pages of my coloring book represent the flow of the natural spirit and nature itself.

One side of Allison Bockrath’s coin. image courtesy of Dexter High School

A love for art and creativity shines through in every piece of art. Asking students about it, it is obvious that they are truly inspired.

Kendall Redman, a sixth-grader at Creekside, summed up her love for art this way.

“I love that you can be as creative as you want and there are no limits,” she said.

Fellow Creeksider Ava Grant-Wall, a fifth grader, said, “I love art because you can express yourself and you can create any piece because no one else does the same. Plus, you really get to know the artist from their work and learn a bit more about the process.

Ahead of the event, Creekside art teacher Jane Montero said she “hopes the community will have a chance to visit all of the businesses, including the Dexter District Library, to see the Amazing art created by DCS students!”

Art exhibition by Ava Grant-Wall. image courtesy of Creekside Middle School

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