The best Wraith skins in Apex Legends


Chances are you’ve seen quite a few Wraiths running around Apex Legends’ battle royale cards. Even so, there are so many great skins for her that you’re unlikely to see the same version of the Outlands interdimensional skirmisher twice in a row. Its rich tradition and versatile design means there are tons of ways it can be dressed up in style.

Here are the best Wraith skins from Apex Legends.

High society

Screenshot via Respawn Entertainment

Wraith’s High Class skin is undoubtedly one of her best. It’s completely different from most of his other skins, many of which are centered around armor or combat clothing. The High Class skin swaps that armor for leather and its usual spikes and threads for gold detailing. It’s also one of the rarest Wraith skins in the game, as it only appeared as part of the season seven battle pass, so you know any Wraith player who wears this skin has been playing for a good time.

marble goddess

Wraith Marble Goddess- Screenshot via Respawn Entertainment

Marble Goddess is another great example of a unique skin; Wraith truly looks like no other legend when wearing this outfit. While the gleaming white and gold elements aren’t great for blending into the brown cliffs of Kings Canyon or the lush green grasses of Storm Point, at least your enemies will know they’re ready to fight when they see you coming. .


Image via Shrugtal and Respawn Entertainment

It’s no surprise that all of these skins so far have been of the Legendary variety. Legendary skins completely change a character’s appearance, transforming them into someone completely different. That’s especially true for Ringside, a streetwear-inspired skin that transforms Wraith into a boxing contender worthy of Pathfinder’s opponent. The unique patterns and intricate details of the hide are enough to earn it a spot on our list.

queen’s guard

Wraith Queens Guard- Screenshot via Respawn Entertainment

If you ever wished Mountain peak had a little more fantasy, Queen’s Guard is the skin for you. It’s a very similar skin recolor from Protector of the Void, but Queen’s Guard simply wins because of the rich new hair color and spectacular blue armor it gives Wraith. Again, it’s not the most subtle skin out there, but you don’t care when you destroy your enemies in style.

Forgotten in the void

Wraith forgotten in the void- Screenshot via Respawn Entertainment

Forgotten in the Void is the only non-legendary skin on this list. It is also the only skin on this list that was released via Twitch as a reward for viewers. What it lacks in dramatic pizzazz, it makes up for in vibrant coloring, interesting facial details, and those super fun boots. The toothy creature on Wraith’s shirt is the icing on the cake. Forgotten in the Void is both scary and fun, just like Mountain peak should be.


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