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The Beatles haven’t released an album or even been an active band for over 50 years now, but Beatlemania seems to be more alive than ever. With the long-awaited release of Peter Jackson’s Disney + docuseries The Beatles: Come Back, there is a lot of attention to the “Fab Four”, their music, their heritage and their by-products over the years. That being said, there’s a good chance there is a huge fan of the iconic rock and roll outfit in your life, someone who would be more than a little grateful if one of The Beatles’ best gifts listed below would end up in a stocking or under your tree this holiday season. Please believe me there is a lot to choose from on this long and winding freight road …

The Beatles Book: Come Back

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The Beatles: Get Back Hardcover Book

In addition to being turned into a three-night streaming event on Disney +, The Beatles: Come Back also received a print copy that delves into the creation of the band’s latest studio album So be it. This 240-page hardcover book, published by Callaway Arts and Entertainment, contains hundreds of unpublished photographs, writings and other notes from the 21-day recording session that resulted in some of the most memorable songs all time. . This book is perfect for anyone who wants a nice accompaniment piece to Peter Jackson’s groundbreaking film.

Purchase The Beatles: Get Back hardcover book on Amazon.

The Beatles Lego Art Set

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Set of Lego art portraits of The Beatles

If there’s someone in your life who A) loves The Beatles and B) loves Lego, then this portrait set is the way to go this holiday season. Comprising 2,933 pieces, this Lego Art set includes four portraits (one for each member of the group) and is a perfect way to spend a few hours relaxing while listening to all those remastered Beatles albums.

Buy The Beatles Lego Art Portrait Set on Amazon.

Paul McCartney The Lyric Book

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The lyrics: 1956 to today

One of the most anticipated celebrity books of 2021, that of Paul McCartney The lyrics: 1956 to today breaks down 154 of the most iconic Rock and Roll Hall of Famer tracks from his teenage years to his highly successful solo career. This two-volume set includes commentaries from the man himself that provide detailed insight into his thought process as well as the life experiences that have inspired some of the most important songs of all time. The set is available in Kindle version and hardcover.

Buy Paul McCartney – The Lyrics: 1956 to Present on Amazon.

The Beatles final concert poster

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Beatles Final Concert Poster

The Beatles played their last concert (not counting the January 1969 rooftop concert) on August 29, 1966 at Candlestick Park in San Francisco. And while many of us weren’t around to see the “Fab Four” right before their transition to a studio-only band, you can still preserve a piece of rock and roll history with this replica of the rock and roll. poster of this last concert. The poster, which measures 19 inches by 13 inches, is printed on heavyweight card stock and comes in a rolled poster tube. All you have to do is frame it and frame it and you’re good to go.

Buy the Beatles Final Concert poster on Etsy.

Beatles coloring pencils and coloring pages

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A set of Beatles colored pencils and coloring pages

The Beatles had some of the most iconic album covers of all time, and now you can recreate this famous art and other images inspired by the influential group with this set of colored pencils and coloring pages themed. of the Beatles. Each of the 12 pencils included in the set is named after a different song such as “Yellow Submarine”, “Black Bird” and “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer”.

Buy a set of Beatles Colored Pencils and Coloring Pages on Amazon.

Let It Be 2021 Studio Remasters vinyl box set

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Let It Be 2021 Studio Remasters vinyl box set

When it comes to vinyl boxes, few, if any, compare to the Beatles’ 2021 studio remasters. So be it. The set includes five vinyl records containing a newly mixed version of the Beatles’ final album, unreleased recordings and session takes, a four track So be it EP, and a 100 page book with all kinds of notes from the recording sessions and introductions by Paul McCartney. The price tag might be a bit steep for some, but it’s a perfect gift for die-hard Beatles fans.

Buy The Beatles Let It Be 2021 Studio Remasters vinyl box set on Amazon.

Welcome mat

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Welcome mat “You say goodbye and I say hello”

If you have someone in your life who loves unique and humorous interior design, then you must purchase this “You Say Goodby and I Say Hello” welcome mat. Imagine the joy you would bring to your dad’s life by giving him something like this that he can show off whenever he has guests.

Purchase the “You Say Goodbye and I Say Hello” Welcome Mat from Amazon.

Let It Be Photo Studio T-shirt

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Let It Be Photo Studio T-shirt

The official Beatles online store is full of great shirts, sweaters and other items featuring iconic artwork from the band’s albums, but it also has some pretty unique items. Take this So be it Studio session photo t-shirt that shows John, Paul, George and Ringo writing their latest studio album. This is definitely a must have for anyone who loves group shirts but also likes to find the ones you don’t see every day.

Buy the Let It Be Studio Session Photo T-Shirt from the official Beatles Store.

A six pack of Beatles socks featuring iconic yellow submarine art

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A six pack of Beatles socks featuring iconic yellow submarine art

There are few people who would admit that Yellow submarine is their favorite Beatles album, but there’s no denying the impact of the art that accompanied it (which was also featured in the animated film of the same name). And with the highly detailed and colorful socks all the rage, this collection will make the perfect (and most practical) gift this holiday season. Each of the six socks included in this collector’s box are inspired by different aspects of the trippy album and fantasy musical first released over half a century ago.

Buy a six pack of Beatles socks on Amazon.

Beatles pop-up greeting card

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Beatles pop-up greeting card

Greeting cards are a necessary evil in our lives, but why not have some fun by purchasing one of these Beatles pop-up cards which come in a variety of designs. If you end up giving someone a gift card or some real stumbling block this holiday season, place it in the middle of one of the stylish cards that feature artwork from some of the most popular albums of the world. Beatles, in particular Abbey Route, To help, and Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Group. Plus, they also make great office art.

Purchase a Beatles pop-up greeting card from Amazon.

The Disney + logo

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One-year gift subscription to Disney + so they can watch the Beatles: come back

If the worst comes to the worst and you just don’t know what to get that special Beatles fan in your life, what about the gift that continues to be given, aka a one-year Disney membership? +? This way they can check The Beatles: Come Back, which arrives November 25, and all the best movies on Disney + the rest of the year. This way everyone will be happy.

Purchase a one-year Disney + gift subscription on Disney +.

Hope this helps you come together this holiday season and share joy with Beatles fans of all ages.

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