The ’90s Dream Comes Alive in the Uncanny X-Men Trading Card Collection


The creation of these beloved X-Men trading cards is chronicled in the new book, “The Uncanny X-Men Trading Cards: The Complete Series.” While much of this book celebrates card collecting by reprinting the front and back of each card, it also provides a brief history of the once-troubled “X-Men” comics. For those unfamiliar the comic book story, you’ll learn how mutants reached insane heights of popularity after Chris Claremont started writing the comics in the 1970s and 1980s, and they only became more popular in the 90s when Jim Lee covered the art, giving us the definitive versions of the X-Men that fans know and love today.

But even the most rabid comic book fan will learn something from this book, as it delves into the production logistics of the trading card line and all the thinking that went into creating this innovative collection. Believe it or not, “The Uncanny X-Men” trading cards were the first comic book trading cards to commission completely original artwork. Previously, comic book cards only reposted artwork previously seen in comic books, much like movie and TV trading cards simply used photographs and stills from movies rather than creating original images. for fans. The fact that the art was created by Jim Lee only sweetened the deal, so much so that there are plenty of fans who found their way to X-Men because they met the cards before seeing the comic or even “X-Men”. : The Animated Series.” These cards were a gateway drug in the best possible way.


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