The 8 Coolest Features of Wizarding World’s New “Starting Harry Potter” Hub


This year the Harry Potter at the Sorcerer’s Stone book celebrated its 25th anniversary. Since then, the kids who became the first fans of the now massive franchise have all grown up. For this reason, more adult installments have been released, such as the fantastic beasts series and the upcoming video game Hogwarts Legacy.

However, that doesn’t mean the next generation of kids can’t start diving into the world of Harry Potter. In fact, many adult fans are eager to get their kids started on the popular books, and the Wizarding World website is here to help. A new and official Starting the Harry Potter hub was recently launched and its many fun features can help young fans become the next generation of Potterheads.


A Beginner’s Guide to the Wizarding World

A picture of the "All About the Wizarding World" page on the Starting Harry Potter Hub

The starting Harry Potter hub is the ideal place for children to introduce children to the Harry Potter franchise. The first feature that users will want to check out is the “magic life“, which breaks down the magical ways of the wizarding world.

Since this feature is intended to introduce the books to new readers, the facts in this section summarize the basics of what is seen in Sorcererstone. This includes Diagon Alley, Quidditch, Nicolas Flamel’s Stone, Invisibility Cloak, and Wizard’s Chess.

“How to” Harry Potter crafts

A screenshot of the crafting page of the Starting Harry Potter Hub

There’s no better way to engage young readers than with arts and crafts, and adult Harry Potter fans are likely to enjoy them as well. The Starting Harry Potter hub currently has 13 videos with easy to follow steps on how to create Harry Potter-thematic projects.

Site users can learn how to draw Norbert the dragon, make a paper quill, create a library version of the Ollivander shop front, make Hogwarts house-themed bracelets, and more. If parents guide their children in making a craft every few chapters, by the end of the first book they will have a collection of magic items.

Meet the characters

A screenshot of the "Meet the characters" Starting Harry Potter Hub page

There “Meet the charactersincludes biographies of many of the child characters mentioned in Sorcerer’s Stone, as well as adults, muggles, and magical creatures. These include all the basics for each character and a fun fact.

This section also includes quizzes on several of the main characters and fact sheets to help readers categorize some of the magical beasts. There are also two games, “Guess Who” and “Would You Rather”, where readers can decide who they’d rather share their candy with or face a game of chess.

How to pronounce the magic words

A screenshot of the "How to pronounce" Starting Harry Potter Hub page

Many adult fans can probably relate to reading a character’s name one way, only to watch the movie for the first time and realize it was completely mispronounced (i.e. say Hermione). New readers won’t have this problem, thanks to the pronunciation guide in the Getting Started Harry Potter hub.

This feature allows users to scroll through different names and spells to see how they are supposed to be pronounced. Some, like the Centaur Firenze, are even different from how they were pronounced in the movies!

All about Hogwarts

The All About Hogwarts page of the Starting Harry Potter Hub

There “Go to Hogwartswill teach new readers everything they need to know about how the beloved school is run. They will learn how Professor McGonagall knows which new students to send letters to and how students get to the Hidden Castle.

There are also “books” that teach the four houses of Hogwarts, including the values ​​of that house, where the common rooms are, what they look like, and who the heads of the Hogwarts houses are. Sorcerer’s Stone.

The first chapter of Sorcerer’s Stone

A screenshot of the intro to the first chapter of Sorcerer's Stone on the Starting Harry Potter Hub

Once a possible Harry Potter fan has become familiar with the must-haves, he can start reading the first book, Sorcerer’s Stone (of course they can always do that first and then go back to the character biography and other features).

The Starting Harry Potter hub has the first chapter of the book available for free and gives suggestions on where readers might find a copy of the book if they want to keep hearing all of the heartwarming quotes from Sorcerer’s Stone while their parents read to them. The site also includes tips for parents on how to engage their children and encourage them to read on their own.

Reading activities

A screenshot of the "Accompanied reading activities" Starting Harry Potter Hub page

Sorcerer’s Stone is excellent for kids as it has much more streamlined stories and themes compared to the later episodes of the series. However, younger readers may still need help staying engaged throughout.

As children work through the chapters, they can find related games and activities in the “Reading activitiesto help their understanding as they go. This includes a template for creating a character album and a Hogwarts student profile. There are also printable activities such as coloring pages and “draw your own wand” templates “.

Quiz for each chapter of Sorcerer’s Stone

A screenshot of the Harry Potter Starting Plate Chapter Quiz page

The Starting Harry Potter hub encourages adults to ask their children questions as they read. It could be anything from who their favorite character is to what they think will happen next. It helps with comprehension and makes them even more excited to keep reading.

To help you further, the hub includes a quiz for each chapter of The Sorcerer’s Stone. These short tests only have five questions each, so they won’t take a restless child long and can help parents assess areas of the story that their little Potterhead might have questions about.

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