Texas Fishing Report for November 27


Here is the latest fishing report provided by Texas Parks and Wildlife for November 27. If there are places that were not included and you would like to see them included, please email your requests to [email protected]


WELL. The clear water; 65 degrees; 47.21 feet low. Bass are starting to move in the winter pattern. Baits that mimic shad work to catch numbers. Ned rigs on the primary and secondary points. Don’t be afraid to try and hit the grass. White bass and stripes are good below 20 feet after shad bales. Catfish are great for stinky baits and cut baits. Remember to stay on the Texan side of the lake, unless you have a Mexican fishing license. Report by Captain Olin Jensen, Jensen’s Guide Service.

Panhandle Plains Region

Alain Henri

WELL. The clear water; 66 degrees; 3.00 feet low. The fishing at Alan Henry is excellent. In the days leading up to a cold front, the fish feed abundantly. The black bass is good, with great grip on surface waters, swim jigs, spoons and the large square Kraken mouthpiece that dives to 10 feet. Crappies bite on jigs with spikes of small minnows. Report by Phillip Pool, Gone Fish’n Guide Service.


WELL. Slightly stained water; 60 degrees; 1.93 feet low. Fishing models hold up with fish suspended in 7 to 12 feet of water. Catfish is good on fresh cut shad. Crappies are always good off derricks and around docks and brush piles. Sand bar always seems to be slow. Largemouth bass are slow. Report by Brandon Brown, Brown’s Guide Service.


WELL. Water stained; 52 degrees; 2.71 feet low. Largemouth bass are good on crankbaits and soft plastic rigs early in the morning and later in the evening when fishing the northern part of the lake. Sunfish are good against cutworms under structures or vegetation. Crappie just stays on jigs and minnows. The catfish has been good on stinky bait, chicken livers, and cut shad.


FAIR. Slightly stained. 58 degrees; 0.96 feet low. Hybrid stripes are fair on doorbell traps hunting deeper schools, preferring the silver coloring. Largemouth Bass is fair with surface water, worms, and jerkbaits right next to wood in deeper water and brush. Crappie remains good on the jigs out of the points. Catfish are fair with stinky baits and cut baits.

pi. Ghost hill

WELL. Water stained; 56 degrees; 0.76 feet low. White bass are in 4 to 7 feet of water and bite on hard lures. The docks are also productive at this time of year.

green belt

SLOW. Water stained; 42 degrees; 39.79 feet low. There are few fishermen on the lake as the fall weather sets in. Cat fishing on jugs has been reported.

Hubbard Creek

WELL. The clear water; 61 degrees; 1.90 feet low. White bass are found on major lake structures in 25 to 30 feet of water and prefer slow to moderate retrieval of lures such as the MAL lure worked vertically or cast. Report submitted by Clay Lohse, Respect the Fish Guide Service.


WELL. Water stained; 54 degrees; 51.33 feet low. Fishing is similar this week with sand bass, walleye and catfish in 25 to 30 feet of water biting minnows, caterpillars, larvae and slabs. The crappie bite continues to be slow. Report by Kenneth Wysong, SharKens Honey Hole.

Miller’s Creek

WELL. Water stained; 55 degrees; 1.41 feet low. Largemouth Bass is good on spikes and pondweed fishing with worms, surface frogs, and weed-free jigs. Crappies are good in the woods with minnows. White bars are fair and thoroughly educated. Catfish are quite deep in coves with live and prepared bait.


WELL. Troubled Water ; 41 degrees. 1.11 feet low. Black basses are great as the heat pushes the bass towards shelter and deeper water. Worms, spinners and crankbaits hang nicely above brush and fallen wood. Crappies are good with jigs but slow down. The white bass is quite average. Catfish are good for live and prepared bait all over the lake.

OC Fisherman

FAIR. Water stained; 45 degrees. 41.58 feet low. Largemouth bass and white bass are perfect using half-inch pumpkin seed stencils and 10-inch mighty worms. Crappies are good on minnows near similar drops and more prominent bumps. The white bass is fairly educated early but mainly in depth at the end of the day. Catfish are good for stinky bait, live and cut bait.

OH Ivie

WELL. The clear water; 50 degrees; 15.50 feet low. Bass fishing was good on swimbaits, jerkbaits and Texas rigs with one creature out of the points. Crappie are good using Crappie jigs in 15 to 20 feet of water. Brandon Burks report, Burks Fishing Livescope Trips.

Oak Creek

FAIR. Slightly stained water; 42 degrees; 5.29 feet low. Fishing is slow on the lake at the moment. Bass fishing is fair with many small catches. Reports of catches of channel catfish using nocturnal caterpillars off the dock weigh about six pounds using chicken liver. Crappie on the minnows dropping from the dock.

Kingdom of Opossum

WELL. Slightly stained water; 55 degrees; 0.84 feet low. Fishing is good with most activities at the north end of Broadway past Costello Island. Striper fishing remains constant, with more schooling activity early in the morning and later in the evening. Sand bars are good for seeing large schools on the surface. Eater-sized catfish are good on cut shad in 20 to 30 feet of water. Report by TJ Ranft, Ranft Guide Service.


FAIR. Water stained; 60 degrees. 37.68 feet low. Fish should move to shallower water but still looking for structure. Crappie is good on minnows in structure. The basses are at school. Catfish are good for live and cut bait that come out of the plains into deeper waters. Blue cats bite chicken liver.


FAIR. Water stained; 52 degrees; 1.09 feet low. Crappie bite is good on live bait and jigs around the Crappie house. The fish continue to be in 7 to 15 feet of water. Catfish are slow. The white bar is slow.

Twin mounds

WELL. Water stained. 55 degrees. 12.15 feet low. White bass is good on man-made and slabs in 20 feet of water. Crappie bite is good and in deeper water hanging about eight feet, biting on live bait and jigs. The bite of the catfish slows down. Report by Captain Michael Peterson, 4 Reel Fun Guide Service.

Blanche river

SLOW. Water stained; 55 degrees; 21.16 feet low. Fishing is slow, with few reports. Largemouth bass and stripers are passable in shallow water using plastics. Crappie is right on the minnows around rock structures. There are a few reports of crappies captured on the banks. Walleye are good for minnows. Channel catfish are good on dough baits and bottom minnows.

Pays des Collines region

Brown wood

WELL. Slightly stained water; 55 degrees; 1.08 feet low. Largemouth bass are good with perch like crank baits, Texas-rigged brown or green plastic worms, chartreuse bladed spinners, and quake-head jigs near woods, rocky shores, and docks. Crappies are good on minnows and jigs in brush piles and near bridge stakes. White bass and hybrids are good on slabs, swimbaits, and live baits along the main channels, bumps, and ridges of the lake. Look for birds diving above the feeding schools of white bass. Catfish is good on shrimp, chicken liver, and live bait.


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