Summer Science Programs at the Library


BONNERS FERRY – Science Adventures takes place at the Boundary County Library every other Friday.

In 2016 and until COVID-19, the BCL set up regular scientific programs. Now they are bringing back video conferences with different zoos and science centers across the country.

Many summer programs are video conferencing and typically a presenter walks through a zoo with a camera and provides a tour and information about exhibits, said Amy Maggi, the library’s science program coordinator.

This allows young learners to travel the world without leaving the library, she added.

The library’s science programs include arts and crafts and coloring pages, which are great ways for children to develop their motor skills. These programs take place year-round with about two events per month, Maggi said.

At the July 8 event, the Toledo Zoo’s “Venom” live videoconference featured a western diamondback rattlesnake and a Komodo dragon. The guided virtual tour of the zoo allowed staff to discuss various poisonous animals such as sea anemone, cone snail, eyelash viper, pit viper, Goliath birdeater spider, tarantula, scorpion , platypus, etc.

Maggi said insects and reptiles are really big with kids. She said one of her favorite memories from summer science programs was the arrival of a python. About 80 children were present and were able to help handle the reptile. Children learned the difference between necessary fear and learned fear, she added.

Visual aids are important for catching the attention of young learners, so whenever Maggi can get them she says she will have an animal in the library, be it a rabbit, a turtle or a pet.

Maggi said she was first inspired to work with animals in Africa after reading a book at the library about volunteering with lions.

“So I went to Africa and volunteered with the lions,” she said.

This is also one of the reasons why she pulls books on presentation topics for further reading for attendees.

The library still has 70 cash register kits to go further in learning. Kits include math, science, reading and geography topics.

Science kit topics include cell biology, a microscope, anatomy, motors, building catapults and more.

The next upcoming Friday science program is all about rescuing sea turtles. It will take place on July 22 at 10:30 a.m., which is a videoconference with Sea Turtle Inc. in Texas.

Coming August 5 “Wildlife Volunteering in Central and South America,” presented by Amy Maggi. She has volunteered in Costa Rica, Peru and Ecuador, working with animals and conservation efforts.


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