Students create ‘thank you books’ for local healthcare and law enforcement heroes


SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY (NEWS10) – Did you know that the week of February 17 is Random Acts of Kindness Week? To celebrate, students at Beagle School in Saratoga Springs showed their appreciation to community heroes with a special homemade gift.

Students aged two to four learned a different kind of lesson this week: to show their appreciation for those in the community who work tirelessly to keep them healthy and safe.

With the help of their teachers, the young students created “thank you books”. Each class made these unique gifts by coloring pictures and telling teachers how these community members help them in their daily lives to create personalized notes for each group of heroes.

Photo of Beagle School students and staff provided by Jessica Todtenhagen

One student told a Saratoga police officer, “I think you’re brave,” and another told a dental team, “Thank you for keeping the germs out of my teeth. »

Additionally, chamber parents collected donations from families to deliver a treat at each location scheduled for drop-off, including everywhere from the Saratoga Fire Department to their local WellNow Urgent Care.

The books, along with coffee and cookies, were placed in the hands of local doctors, nurses, support staff, police, firefighters and even dentists.

“The response has been incredible. The places were so grateful and appreciated it so much,” Jessica Todtenhagen, Principal of Beagle School. “The students were so excited to hear how happy they made people and how it led to more acts of kindness.”

Todtenhagen added that Saratoga Dentistry was blown away by the gesture and was even inspired to pay for it with its own acts of kindness in the community.


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