Spotify’s Joe Rogan Suggests Groundlessly White Patriot Front Nationalist Rally in Washington Was ‘Fake’ and Organized by ‘the Federal Government’


Since December 7, 2021, the edition of Spotify’s The Joe Rogan Experience

JOE ROGAN (HOST): Guys, are you aware of this new hate group march that was marching, where all these guys were marching with American flags?

JAMIE VERNON (PRODUCER): Back in the truck, this thing?

ROGAN: What is it? Yes, they all jumped in the back of a UHaul truck together. There was never a thing I ever saw that I was almost immediately like they were Feds.

MATT TAIBBI (AUTHOR): Oh, did that happen?

JOE ROGAN: I think, I got it right away, like it was wrong. Like my immediate feelings. I looked at them, first of all these guys are too thin. I watch these guys, they are all in good shape. They are all thin. They march uniformly with flags. I tell myself there’s no way these fucking idiots are that organized. Then someone took a deep dive on Twitter. I wish I could remember who. But someone took a deep dive on Twitter and found out that the account that all of this went viral in is a completely fake account that has no followers and was launched about a month ago with a face generated. by AI. It’s a fake face like in the profile picture. This is one of those pictures, they take a bunch of people’s faces and they crush it and make this one woman. And then she had a photo of a dog in one of her Facebook posts. But there is no commitment. There is no interaction. The entire account is only a month old and his post on that has gone viral somehow. And that’s what started sharing it. But if you look at these people walking down the streets with their masks on, all dressed in black, all wearing basically like a uniform. All holding the same size American flag. And then eventually they all jumped in the back of a UHaul and were taken to the end of that stupid fucking walk. But if you look at this I wonder what are you guys doing?

TAIBBI: Was that supposed to be a right-wing hate group type thing, QAnon?

ROGAN: Exactly. Exactly. And they call themselves the Patriot something or another.

VERNON: Front Patriote.

ROGAN: Patriotic Front. You have to see this. We have to see the video. We need to see the video because when you see them walking, you watch them walk, you go, why are these guys in such good shape? Idiots are usually fat. As if there was fat in them. Like they don’t have discipline, don’t they? They are not wise people who eat well.

TAIBBI: I mean Americans are generally fat.

ROGAN: Yeah. It’s uniformly slim and fit with the same outfits, same flags. Like you telling me the FBI didn’t know about these people? You tell me the FBI doesn’t monitor fringe groups, and they didn’t know these people were so organized. Out of nowhere they come out with flags of the same size and the same outfit, a goose step. They walk – not at a goose pace, but at the same pace, in a neat fucking line. Like who organized this?

ROGAN: There you go, “a white nationalist group in uniform marches on the Lincoln Memorial.” CNN is totally on it. They’re like, we’re all in it. Come on, show us. Look at these guys. Look at these guys. Where are the big guys? How come they all wear the same clothes? Do it again. What is that ? Have you ever seen something that looks more like Feds? Tell me it doesn’t look like the feds. To the right?

TAIBBI: It’s like the 101st Airborne.

ROGAN: Brother, look at this. These guys are all runners. These guys look like they’re out of BUDS. Fuck from here.

TAIBBI: [laughing] They could be real.

ROGAN: Right, they could be real. Look, Matt Taibbi, I’m not a reliable source and I’m a comedian. But looking at this, I’m saying bullshit. Give me that again.

ROGAN: I mean, maybe they’re real. Maybe they’re real, could be real, but I’m saying bullshit. They have the same damn flags. The same white coloring on their faces, the same tan hats. Get the hell out of here.

TAIBBI: And why are they wearing masks anyway?

ROGAN: Because they’re cowards, or they’re federal. To the right? Does your instinct, when you see that?

TAIBBI: Well, I mean, I’m suspicious of everything. I certainly wouldn’t put that forward and look like a scary scene, you know, without looking at it a bit.

ROGAN: Do you think it’s real? If it’s real –

TAIBBI: I mean it could be. It’s just weird.

ROGAN: I feel like I’m a federal. They are too fit. I know that doesn’t mean racists can’t play sports. I know racists exercise, folks. Relax. But I’m just saying …

VERNON: They have 42 chapters including Pennsylvania, New Jersey. They are related to

a group called Vanguard America, which gained infamy after the Charlottesville, Virginia event. They recruit on college campuses with flyers, stage blitz protests, and even commit acts of vandalism.

ROGAN: Jesus.

TAIBBI: Maybe. I mean, who knows. There are enough assholes in America for that to be possible, but not – I don’t know if they’d all be skinny like that.


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