Sonic coloring book for adults launches October 2022


Despite a large adult fanbase who grew up creating OCs from recolored Sonic patterns – there has never been an adult coloring book based on blue blur. Sure, there are some for kids we could use, but damn it, we have to cling to whatever shreds of our dignity we have left. Now, thankfully, book publisher Insight Editions has come to the rescue.

A listing for Sonic the Hedgehog: The Official Adult Coloring Book has been spotted on Amazon, announcing a release date of October 25, 2022. Featuring 64 pages of original art, it’s aimed at adult Sonic fans looking for a way to unwind at the end of the day. It can also be used to recreate some of those shitty OCs we all created in our youth, which must be the main draw.


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Sonic The Hedgehog: The Official Adult Coloring Book is available to pre-order now and will set you back $12.99 (£10.55 / €12.49). It will feature scenes from the games, although we don’t yet know which ones it will cover. Given the characters that appear on the cover, we can assume it will feature Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Heroes, and given Silver’s appearance, maybe even the infamous Sonic ’06.

As you can see from the replies to the tweet that spotted the new book, many fans were confused by the word “adult” in the title. And while there are no preview pages available yet, I’m confident enough to say no, this is not officially licensed NSFW material. I’m sorry mate, you’ll just have to look elsewhere for that. Not that you have any problems with that, mind you.

Given the success of Sonic this year, we can expect a whole lot more products like this. As we reported earlier this month, the recent film is now the highest-grossing video game adaptation of all time. On top of that we have Sonic Origins, Sonic Frontiers, and probably Sonic Prime launching later this year.

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