Snow brings a bit of humidity, a bit of fun | Producer reports


Krista Podany and Carl Dobias of Verdigre, Neb., keep busy with farm work and caring for their grandchildren. Podany will serve as the Tri-State Neighbor Crop Observer for northeast Nebraska this year.

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By Krista Podany, Verdigre, Neb.

Hello from our little part of the Bohemian Alps near Verdigre, Nebraska. One thing about living here – we always have time to talk.

A few days into March, we had something to say – a truly significant change in weather. It came as freezing rain, sleet and a nice dusting of snow, about 6 inches of moisture, plus or minus. “Now it’s a nice blanket of snow” were my words, not so much Carl’s (who will have to dress warmer) and start a bit earlier to warm up the gear for this brief cold snap. He made the maiden voyage through fresh snow as the tractor and food cart broke through the ice crust and rushed to make the daily meals.

The newest baby calves have learned to quickly disappear when these spinsters hear the tractor approaching. These ladies are more than eager to see their silage ration come down the berth line. Some of these little calves are sneaky and drink from behind, so as not to distract the mother’s mealtime. Now everyone seems happy with this arrangement with all the tails seemingly changing in unison.

With the ups and downs of the daily weather, the calves keep showing up. So far, everyone is healthy, even though they were born in the nighttime temperatures of adolescence. Warmer days warm them up.

The mailbox is full of sales catalogs of animal products. I helped Springlake Angus with the catalog and sent emails regarding their production sale on April 1st. It takes a lot of time and work to get the information for each catalog. I think we could be away several days a week to attend a sale if we wanted to. Now this should be worked around Big Iron Day.


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