SDCC 2022 has an animatronic Grogu and I’m JEALOUD


by Adam Savage (Mythbusters) Youtube channel Tested is known for exploring the cutting edge of special effects, from set design to costumes and animatronics. Their most recent video highlights EFX Collectibles’ Baby Grogu, designed by the engineers and artists of Garner Holt Productions, which is on display at their San Diego Comic-Con booth.

The puppet apparently “uses 15 servos to recreate all of the character’s happy expressions seen in The Mandalorian” and is available at EFX Collectibles’ Comic-Con booth 3635. They call it “the most accurate animatronic possible” thanks to working with the current license and Legacy Effects and having access to resources such as master models for the head, ears, hands, fabric samples for the dress and the paint master for the iris of the eyes. This baby is also unique for his voice box, which produces the cute little squeaks and grunts we’ve come to expect from Baby Grogu.

This isn’t the first time the Tested channel has featured Baby Grogu’s latest products and mechanics; Adam Savage personally repainted his Sideshow Collectible Baby Yodaand Tested also made a video showing the late Grant Imahara’s Baby Yoda animatronic he was planning to take to hospitals.

Perhaps the most interesting part of these videos is that each goes into great detail about all the different things modelers need to consider when designing a figure – the differences between static models and animatronics, the differences between one animatronic used for show and one used for theme parks, and the intricacies of coloring and programming materials and expressions.

It also got fans excited for the future of public collectibles and theme park animatronics with the idea that maybe, one day, we’ll have an animatronic Baby Grogu available for in-person encounters.


Either way, the galaxy (and San Diego Comic Con) is made a little brighter for the green alien baby with big brown eyes and a love for a shiny ball.

EFX Collectibles: (Comic-Con Booth 3635)

Garner Holt Productions:

(the featured image: Tested)

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