Rupture: a tall white allegedly attacked a surfer in Banyans on the Big Island of Hawaii, “grabbed him below and let him go!” “


“I bet John John Florence and Jack Robinson wanted to leave!”

If you know surfing you know the name of Ian “Kanga” Cairns, a comic book hero-like man who ruled the big waves, who was instrumental in creating a round-the-world trip, who would launch ASP after snatching the game from IPS’s Fred Hemmings and whose thin gaze could give a man stomach cramps.

Cairns, sixty-nine, went out on a swing today after the first round of the Triple Crown, the Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold Haleiwa Challenger, was suspended ahead of the quarter-finals, which included John John Florence and Jack Robinson, due to a construction swell.

“The @wsl The Haleiwa competition was taking place today and they canceled the quarter-finals because the swell was rising. @fredhemmings never canceled it. I won the World Cup twice in Haleiwa in much bigger surf, ”Kanga wrote. “There would have been a lot of screaming but I bet @john_john_florence and @ jackrobinson72 wanted to leave. In fact, I bet they came out after the contest ended. If you want amazing surfers to be amazing, you put them in amazing waves.

The response from fans was unanimous in favor of Kanga’s position,

“(Three emojis applaud) Yeah! Why did they do everything? Strange, ”wrote women’s tour pioneer Lynne Boyer, famous for riding the Great Sunset and more.

From legendary surf photographer Tom Servais, “Awesome stitch, and awesome pic showing you your power and why you were such an important surfer in surfing history!”

Hawaiian surfer Pancho Sullivan marked his approval by posting four muscle arm emojis and two flame emojis.

Terry Terukina added: “FYI: I surfed Hale’iwa in the late 70’s to early 80’s during our annual Mabo Royal AMATEUR contest. Ten years later and for ten years … as director of this same competition (renamed the current Hale’iwa International Open), more often than not, we had the AMATEUR competition under the same monstrous conditions. This is why the North Shore crew have always bred “storm riders”… competition or no competition! And Ian was my inspiration and many other Hale’iwa OG !!

Kanga, of course, isn’t afraid to hold an unpopular opinion.

“Everyone, in a sense, is concerned about what people think of them,” he told me some time ago. “But I wake up in the morning and I’m like, what am I going to do today?” Cairns said. “How can I do all these crazy cool things and how can it benefit my family and friends and all that?” The moment you start to think about these things, you move on and all of these criticisms, about what you did yesterday, don’t matter. If you think about the future, you are already one step ahead of the reviews. Do I want to be hated? No! Do I want to focus on a great idea tomorrow? This is what I want to do.


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