Really Big Coloring Books® | Becomes an Approved Brand on Walmart Marketplace


Really Big Coloring Books® | begins distributing Walmart Marketplace as an approved brand.

Books of all sizes Really Big Coloring Books® | Walmart Marketplace book division

Really Big Coloring Books® | Books Division.

Really Big Coloring Books® |  Music Division of Walmart Marketplace

Really Big Coloring Books® Records, CDs, Merchandise | Music Division of Walmart Marketplace

St. Louis-based book and music publisher Really Big Coloring Books® becomes a trusted brand on Walmart Marketplace with over 120 million monthly visitors.

We are proud to create jobs with products made in the USA. We have never imported the coloring books we create and sell, although we export to most countries in the world.

— Kenneth Rich, COO

ST. LOUIS, MO, USA, March 1, 2022 / — St. Louis-based coloring book publisher Really Big Coloring Books®, Inc | announced this week that its company’s brand and product line have received endorsement from the Marketplace, which has more than 120 million monthly visitors. “This allows our business to continue growing in the retail segment in the United States with upcoming opportunities in Canada, Mexico and internationally. shipping and this includes our book and music publishing divisions. Helping talented artists, musicians and other publishers reach their target audiences through our product line is the company’s passion. Manufacturing and producing quality products for a nation that loves art, music and books, is a time-honored profession,” said publisher Wayne Bell.

Retail prices for the company’s product line range from $1.99 to $24.99 depending on subject and book format. Books are published in a variety of sizes with a variety of spiral, hardback, square-back, and other binding options with the ability to produce products on any type of quality American-made paper. “The staff and employees of the company understand that books, music and art products last for generations, we are honored to manufacture and represent all three,” continued Bell. “It’s amazing how many different topics and topics we cover in our coloring books. Just to think that a simple coloring book can be such a great learning tool for a child. It makes the more engaging learning aspect through reading and coloring.” added operations manager Derek Munster.

Three years ago, the company moved to its new location in St. Louis and invested in high-tech digital machinery and equipment that is state-of-the-art in the industry. They have print-on-demand (POD) capabilities, can produce any number of paper products requested, and their music segment has made inroads in music production coast to coast. “Loving the talented people who make our business successful is key to our day-to-day work,” concluded Bell.

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