Raise your hand if you’re a “kidult!”


I fully admit that I am a “kidult!” I love *board game* nights, going to Disneyland or Six Flags – WITHOUT kids – and watching Dawson’s Creek and Gilmore Girls.

It’s a great term, and it actually dates back to the 1950s, when the television industry used it to describe adults who enjoyed youth programming. Today’s kidults, along with their adult salaries, are driving demand for the hobbies and culture of their youth.

Kidults love their toys. A 2021 Toy Association survey found that 58% of adults had purchased a toy for themselves, 65% had purchased board games, 61% had purchased craft kits, 53% had purchased collection, and no surprise here – 52% had thrown away money for video games.

The trend has also led major brands to release toys aimed at adults: adult-sized Razor scooters, adult Lego sets and very expensive Barbies that only children would buy.

Adult coloring books are big business, as are Funko Pops, with their bobbleheads of nearly every character – from Bob’s Bigboy to Hannibal Lecter.

And get this: Google searches for adult bounce houses are on the rise. Oh kids – PLEASE be sure to share the video of your mom and dad in the bouncy house!

So kidults, in closing I say and three little words: adult summer camp!

– Carla Rea


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