Printing inks are perfect for organic and printed electronics

Based on conventional printing techniques, organic and printed electronics offer fantastic opportunities to create new electronic products and systems. As a partner to the semiconductor manufacturing industry, Alfa Chemistry recently launched its new printing ink product offering, including conductive inks, dielectric inks and semiconductor inks for of research.

“Being extremely versatile, the printing inks can be used on virtually any surface,” says the Marketing Director of Alfa Chemistry. “As the printing market is constantly changing, modern printing inks and processing methods are continuously being developed. In the near future, UV curing inks and other radiation methods are expected to gain importance. “

Different inks are used for various printing occasions. Alfa Chemistry supplies the following three types of printing inks:

conductive ink

Conductive ink can make the printed object electrically conductive and therefore is an indispensable part of any printed electronic equipment. The most common conductive inks are metallic nanoparticles and particulate inks, such as silver-based glues and colloids, conductive inks based on carbon nanomaterials, and conductive polymers.

Dielectric ink

Typically composed of organic polymers or ceramics in the solvent, dielectric inks are able to protect and improve the operation of conductive materials, improve energy storage devices, and allow electronic devices to operate at voltages of polarization.

Semiconductor ink

As the core component of printed electronic equipment, semiconductor ink largely determines the performance of the final equipment.

To name a few here: Hexagonal boron nitride ink (CAS 10043-11-5), silver nanoparticle ink, carbon nanotube, solvent-based single-wall conductive ink, SWCNT, paste (silkscreen), graphene dispersion, molybdenum disulfide inkjet ink, graphene ink (CAS 7782-42-5), nanosilver spray ink, copper inkjet ink, paste carbon/graphite screen printing, silver ink, etc.

About Alfa Chimie

Alfa Chemistry has become a preferred partner for leading companies in the semiconductor industry. Its broad product portfolio covers many semiconductor materials used in micro and nanoelectronics, organic and printed electronics, and the semiconductor industry. Meanwhile, it also provides tailor-made solutions for different occasions, such as wafer fabrication, semiconductor analysis and quality control. Thanks to the concerted efforts of the whole team, Alfa Chemistry is a perfect choice for materials and services related to semiconductors.

Source and top image: Alfa Chemistry


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