Pittsburgh’s Best Coloring Books


Coloring books have emerged from the classroom as a way for anyone, at any age, to speak to their inner child and dive into a whimsical creative outlet. What better way to bring a black and white image to life than by adding vibrant hues to the well-known “Steel City” scenes. We’ve taken the guesswork out of where to find the best books, by giving you a list of must-have Pittsburgh coloring pages.

Pittsburgh: A Coloring Book

Illustrator Rick Antolic has a duo of popular Pittsburgh-themed coloring books. Local artist has collected some of our most iconic skylines and scenes and arranged these beautiful images for all Pittsburgher to enjoy.

Volume I and Volume II can both be purchased online, making them a great gift for someone who lives in or loves our city.

Yinzerrific coloring book

Pittsburgh City Paper has teamed up with 35 local artists to create a coloring book that’s a complete ode to the “Burgh.” Their self-proclaimed top notch book is packed with scenes only a Pittsburgh resident could love. The best part is that the proceeds from your purchase are donated to the local artists who helped create this coloring book so that you support community arts.

Pittsburgh Coloring: A Pittsburgh-Themed Coloring Book

The artist Ron Magnes put his art at the service of this book dedicated to famous landmarks and cityscapes. Be sure to check out his other hometown-themed books, including a coloring book by Firsts in Pittsburgh; people and things that happened here in Pittsburgh or the accomplishments of a famous local resident.

Pittsburgh: A Coloring Book for Adults

This self-proclaimed stress reliever is the perfect way to focus your attention on geometric design and intricate detail. This the book is more about the small detailswhich is a great activity for focusing on the fine little lines that make up an overall picture, with the spirit of Pittsburgh on every page.

The sports pages

Professional and college teams didn’t want to miss out on any coloring content, offering fans monochrome pages as PDFs. This is a great option if you don’t have time to dedicate yourself to an entire book and just want to focus your attention on one image. These one-pagers are perfect for the littlest sports fan or lifelong cheerleader. Steelers have some of their all-time greats, as well as the pirate offering a selection of single page coloring pages. pitt alum get the chance to add color to their campus, with these one-page scenes in and around campus.

While at first glance a coloring book might seem like a childhood purchase, we’ve come to discover the many health benefits we can associate with the art and act of coloring, regardless of age. Coloring books were found to decrease anxiety, increase brain function, and improve things like sleep or motor skills.

Grab these colored pencils and enjoy!


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