Oway Launches 99% Plastic-Free, Biodynamic Hair Care Line in the U.S.


Founded in 1948 with over 70 years of experience, Ohway believes in a formulation based on the balance of ingredients that add value, properties and effectiveness to the product without the use of harsh substances. Oway is a portmanteau of the Organic Way, an expression that combines biology (Organic) with lifestyle (Way).


Coining the term agricosmetica®, Oway’s manifesto supports their commitment to growing zero kilometer medicinal and aromatic plants, flowers and shrubs on their Ortofficina estate, which rests on the hills of Bologna, in Italy. Established in 2010, the commercial farm cultivates its herbs and botanicals in the most environmentally friendly way, distilling them directly and then using them in products. Oway is not just a brand, but a set of values, a healthy and ecological lifestyle.


Sustainability is embedded not only in Oway’s production processes and packaging choices, but actively involves the entire business routine, manifesting itself in everyday life, through small but important green habits. . Oway was the first Italian brand in the professional sector to have chosen to replace plastic in favor of glass and aluminum for all bottles and jars. By eliminating unnecessary packaging in 2013 and working exclusively with eco-sustainable materials, Oway has significantly reduced its environmental footprint while providing high quality products.

“Glass can preserve and protect the integrity of botanical extracts in formulas, shielding them from UV rays and shielding them from bacteria. Committed to becoming completely plastic-free in the near future, we are excited to officially launch in United Statesbringing to salons and consumers pure and infinitely recyclable products and packaging”, mentioned Sharon NykazaCEO of Oway USA.

From ideation and design to handcrafting and harvesting the necessary materials, Oway creates all of its products in-house. In 2017, Oway decided to open Artigiano, a carpentry workshop and manufacturing laboratory where ecological solutions, tools and furniture for beauty salons are made according to the principles of circular design.


Oway creates exclusive in-salon rituals to pursue at home through highly effective multi-sensory treatments. Salon partners differentiate themselves by using natural and exclusive products and treatments, choosing to work in a 99% plastic-free environment and implementing true sustainable practices using safe, hygienic and protective containers such as than glass and aluminum.

Oway offers the first agrocosmetic permanent color treatment with more than 35% biodynamic and organic sage macerate. Compared to other professional treatments, Oway guarantees comfort and softness to hairdressers and their guests, by offering formulas dermatologically tested with nickel and made up of up to 97% biodegradable ingredients.

Following its launch in United StatesOhway UNITED STATES seeks partner salons to embrace its enduring values, offering exclusive treatments and multi-sensory experiences as an official Oway salon. Find more information about becoming an Oway salon here.

To learn more about Oway, visit oway.com or follow @owayusaoffical on instagram and Facebook.

About Oway:

Oway is a brand of organic and biodynamic agrocosmetics for hair, skin and body, made in Bologna, Italy, and embraced in salons and spas around the world. In 2013, Oway converted all containers to glass bottles and aluminum tubes, the first to do so in the professional beauty industry. They believe that true beauty is plastic-free, that organic is more than a word or certification on the label, and that a circular lifestyle is the only way to preserve and protect the future of our environment. . True to these fundamentals, Oway only produces ultra-concentrated formulas with a very high percentage of plant-derived and biodegradable ingredients, using biodynamic practices and living up to their promise of carbon neutrality. All of their formulas are vegan, cruelty-free, biodynamic, organic, and fair trade, without sacrificing cutting-edge, high-quality results.


Sharon Nykaza

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: 312-771-0242



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