OtterBox launches new colorful cases for the iPhone 14 range


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OtterBox has teased two lineups of colorful cases for the MagSafe-enabled iPhone 14 product line.

The Figure Series are clear cases that have hydrographic patterns made using a special paint casting process. Alcohol ink is poured into rubbing alcohol and then gently directed using an air stream.

“I was looking for a stand that you can’t control too much, and I wanted to have a blurry transparency to really let the design of the new iPhone 14 shine,” explained Samantha Fowler, graphic illustrator and OtterBox artist.

The Lumen Series are transparent cases with subtle coloring around the edges, as well as a shadow gradient and a metal MagSafe ring to complement the new iPhones.

Figure Series

Here are some examples from the Figura range.

  • Black Silver Case for iPhone 14: $49.95
  • Figura Io Orange case for iPhone 14 Plus: $49.95
  • Violet Agrias case for iPhone 14 Pro: $49.95
  • Blue Birdwing Case for iPhone 14 Pro Max: $49.95

Lumen Series

Here are some examples from the Lumen range.

  • Obsidian Black case for iPhone 14: $49.95
  • Tiara Metallic Beige for iPhone 14 Plus: $49.95
  • Regalia Blue case for iPhone 14 Pro: $49.95
  • Gallant Silver Case for iPhone 14 Pro Max: $49.95

Each product listing indicates that new cases are coming soon, and customers can sign up to receive email notifications when they launch.


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