NHS student donates coloring books from recent collection


Posted: Mar 14, 2022 7:00 AM

After collecting coloring books and supplies, Newtown High School student Mia Hochstetler began donating items from the collection to local organizations.

Mia completed the ride as part of her Senior Capstone project, which is now completed by all NHS students.

Public donation spots have been set up across the city for collection. In total, Mia said she collected around 300 coloring books, 6,000 pencils, 400 markers and 850 colored pencils.

“So it went really, really well,” Mia shared recently in a phone interview.

Students and community members were encouraged to participate in the donation.

In an ad for the fundraising campaign, Mia wrote, “I was a student at Sandy Hook during 12/14, and since then coloring books have been a staple part of my life. The coloring gave me the creative relief I desperately needed during such a tragedy. Now, during a global pandemic and political unrest, I want to bring our community the same relief that I received so many years ago.

Mia said she delivers parts of her collection to Dorothy Day Hospitality House in Danbury, Wakeman Boys & Girls Club in Bridgeport, Danbury Hospital, Family & Children’s Aid in Danbury, Center for Empowerment and Education in Danbury, The Resiliency Center of Newtown, and FAITH Pantry in Newtown. Mia said she chose these places because they were all about supporting children.

Mia called her project “Comfort Color” and she created a website for the project, comfortcolor.godaddysites.com.

Through the project, Mia connected with a school in Wisconsin, Aquinas High School, and coloring books were distributed to a class during finals week to help with stress.

“Based on the letters I received from Aquin’s students, it was very effective!” Mia said in an email.

Reflecting on her project as a whole, especially as she started distributing the collection, Mia said, “I really hope people can use the coloring to reduce stress and just use it to soothe their mind as a mechanism of comfort.”

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Some of the items collected from NHS student Mia Hochstetler’s ‘Comfort Color’ collection are pictured.


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