New Guinness record set in Kissimmee this weekend



A dragon half a mile long, colored by school children.

This is a new record in the Guinness Book of Records.

And it happened here in Kissimmee earlier this weekend.

World Traditional Martial Arts (GTMA) has broken the world record for the longest continuous line of coloring pages. The exhibit was installed at the Gaylord Resort and Convention Center.

Jeffrey Nodelman, CEO and 5th degree black belt, said the goal was to raise money for the H&L Hope Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing education and financial support to children with special needs or disabilities so that they can participate in martial arts. .

“Students were sponsored to color leaves,” Nodelman said. “It’s small gestures that make a difference. But it’s more than just coloring paper, it’s a lesson in dedication and perseverance. You start with one, then watch it grow.”

Each page was pre-printed with scales which, when placed end to end – each page had to touch the next – formed a serpentine dragon across the display boards above a Gaylord Palms showroom. Thousands of pages arrived from across the country, each to have two colors, the name of the student who colored it and their school. GTMA staff turned the leaves into a 3,300-foot dragon, or more than half a mile, while raising nearly $20,000 for their nonprofit fund.

The old record was 3,166 pages, set in 2001; GTMA was able to pull together 3,600 pages, which were fully documented by Guinness Book officials, who certified that all artwork met the guidelines.

Information from Experience Kissimmee used in this report.


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