New coloring and activity book for adults, “Art of Procrastination”, making waves on Amazon – just in time for the holiday season


“The Art of Procrastination: Coloring and Activity Book” by Debora Menieur Nunez celebrates the vagaries of procrastination with humor, color and style.

Washington, DC – December 14, 2021 – With Christmas almost knocking on the door, it’s once again time for last-minute shopping for holiday gifts. Books always make a favorite holiday gift – and a new coloring and activity book is winning hearts all over Amazon. Entitled “The Art of Procrastination: Coloring and Activity BookThe book is full of 5-star ratings and rave reviews.

“The Art of Procrastination: Coloring and Activity Book” is designed and composed by scholar and business consultant Truman Debora Menieur Nunez.

The book launched on November 2, 2021, just in time for the holiday gift shopping season. The book not only received great reviews, but also made it to the top 100 adult coloring books for a day.

As the name suggests, the book celebrates the vagaries of procrastination and offers users a way to channel their time and energy into something beautiful. The coloring and activity book is intended for teens, college and university students, and adults.

“I made this book with the intention of helping procrastinators feel less guilty about their favorite activity: procrastinating. As a professional procrastinator, I am very happy that my procrastination has turned into an entertaining art, ”Debora said of her new book.

The Art of Procrastination: Coloring and Activity Book”Is packed with over 60 designs and patterns to choose from. Satisfied Amazon customers have found the book “super entertaining” and an incredible distraction that everyone would likely enjoy. Some of them even said that the book helped them relieve stress through creative manifestations.

“Sometimes it becomes very difficult to start something new – we’ve all been through this phase at one point or another. So, in this book, I try to celebrate (with a little good humor) the postponement of chores and chores in a creative way. Hopefully this will help motivate others to find more time to live their lives instead of just getting chores done. ”

(In the frame: Debora Menieur Nunez)

Asked about the inspiration behind the book, Debora shared that it all started as a joke with her friends Jean and Valérie. She told them that she was randomly drawing pictures between her intense job search and that a procrastination coloring book might be a good idea. They agreed and encouraged her to do so. However, it was another friend, Chinemelu, who originally came up with the idea of ​​making a coloring book. So, inspired by the encouragement and help from her friends, Debora got down to business and created the complete book in just 1 month.

“I am overwhelmed by the rave reviews received from customers. The book costs just $ 6.99 and would make a nice holiday gift for those looking for last minute gifts on a budget. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my clients who showered my book with long praise. I also want to thank all of my friends for inspiring me to create the book, my amazing sister Hilca for helping me bring this book to the world, and my mom Deborah and sister Arismar for supporting all of my goals. This holiday season will always be special to me and I hope my book will add more color to your holiday celebrations as well. ”

“Such a fun coloring and activity book! Has many very beautiful coloring pages which are pleasing to the eye and very satisfying to color. The activities are fun and don’t make me too guilty of procrastinating haha ​​”- Edmy A Rivera Colon

“Help reduce stress through creativity. Love the variety of patterns and prompts “- Zariah Tolman

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