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WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Ms. Marvel episode 1

here’s why Ms. MarvelShang-Chi’s mysterious bracelet may be a sister weapon to the Ten Rings of Shang-Chi. Iman Vellani makes her long-awaited MCU debut in Ms. Marvel as Kamala Khan – a huge superhero fan, constant dreamer, and cosplay extraordinaire who reveres Captain Marvel above all else. Seeking to inject some Pakistani heritage into her Carol Danvers costume ahead of AvengerCon, Kamala unearths a mysterious bracelet that previously belonged to her grandmother, but after (eventually) getting the jewel on her arm, the super-fan hero acquires his own superpowers.


Ms. Marvel drastically changes the nature and origin of Kamala Khan’s gifts from Marvel comics, but it’s not the first power-granting weapon introduced by MCU Phase 4 – 2021 Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings arrived first with the titular weapon of the Ten Rings. Worn for centuries by Shang-Chi’s father, Wenwu, this formidable treasure brought the “Mandarin” untold wealth and immortal life before the Ten Rings finally fell into the hands of Shang-Chi himself. Much remains unknown about the origin of this powerful relic, but Shang ChiPost-credits sequence teases responses are coming.

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In effect, Ms. Marvel might hold the key. Shortly after the first teaser footage first showed off Kamala Khan’s bracelet, theories emerged linking her powers to the Ten Rings of Shang-Chi. That connection seems even stronger now Ms. Marvel has now landed on Disney+, with various eerie parallels and curious similarities. Are Kamala Khan’s bracelet and the Ten Rings connected, and what would that mean for the future of the MCU?

How Ms. Marvel’s Bracelet and Shang-Chi’s Ten Rings Are Similar

Wenwu with the Ten Rings to Shang-Chi.

Immediately, Ms. MarvelThe mystical bracelet shares a visual resemblance to the Ten Rings of Shang Chi. Since both feature rose gold metallic coloring, they could be constructed from the same base metal that Bruce Banner and Captain Marvel failed to identify in Shang Chithe post-generic sequence. Each weapon is also decorated with ornate patterns and symbols, pointing to a common craftsman. In functional terms, the Ten Rings and the heirloom of the Khan family both attach to the user’s arm and immediately imbue the wearer with power. As demonstrated in Shang Chihowever, the Ten Rings require a master who can prove their worth – hence the final battle sees Shang-Chi gradually wrestling each bracelet away from his treacherous father. Ms. MarvelThe bracelet can work on a similar principle. Perhaps Kamala Khan has trouble untying the bracelet initially because the artifact had to recognize her as a worthy recipient first.

The powers themselves then weave another link between Ms. Marvel and Shang Chi. In the latter, Wenwu’s ten rings exude glowing blue energy that his master can hurl at enemies, use as a shield, or forge a whip. The light is orange for Shang-Chi, but the MCU has yet to explain why. With her bracelet in place, Ms. MarvelKamala Khan fires blue energy constructs from her wrist. Although the application is slightly different (Wenwu fired the actual energy-connected rings; Kamala just fires the energy itself), both weapons share the same basic principle of launching blue light that takes on a physical form. to attack, defend or shoot in the long run. -interval. That two MCU Phase 4 weapons not only share a visual resemblance, but give their respective heroes remarkably similar abilities, is surely no coincidence.

Ms. Marvel episode 1 then drops another massive Shang Chi index. Shang ChiThe post-credits scene of revealed that the Ten Rings sent a detected beacon to Kamar-Taj, causing multiverse shenanigans, though the destination and recipient of the message remain unknown. When Kamala puts on the bracelet for the first time Ms. Marvel episode 1 she is transported to a strange world – potentially an airplane from beyond, but possibly somewhere in the multiverse. If his relic has multiverse-breaking properties similar to the Ten Rings beacon, surely a significant connection must exist between Shang-Chi’s favorite accessory and Kamala Khan’s last-minute cosplay addition.

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Where Could the MCU’s Bracelet and Ten Rings Come From?

Shang ChiThe post-credits scene of sees a Bruce Banner confirming that the Ten Rings are far older than the 1000 years that Wenwu held them, meaning they are of extraterrestrial or multiversal origin. The age of the Ten Rings suggests they were buried on Earth for centuries before falling on the Mandarin’s arm, and if the Ten Rings were left behind on our humble blue planet by some mysterious alien force, it makes sense that there have been other falls made across the globe. Whether or not these powerful weapons become common knowledge will, of course, depend on who discovered them. As Wenwu harnessed his ten rings as the foundation of an empire, perhaps a brother weapon was discovered by Kamala Khan’s ancient ancestor – a more sensible soul who recognized the power imbued within and chose to protect the bracelet rather than handle it. The Khan family then passed the object from woman to woman, never using it for their own gain.

Wong made a highlight when he revealed that the Ten Rings signal only started broadcasting after Shang-Chi got their power. Centuries of mandarin slaughter without a glance, but comes “Shaun the Jack” and suddenly the Ten Rings come to life. This would suggest that the weapon seeks a special master before fulfilling its true purpose. The same could be true for Kamala Khan’s bracelet – perhaps explaining why her ancestors never became superheroes (assuming they doesn’t become superheroes). Each weapon finding its true wielder could be the key to summoning what made them, and a potential third piece of the puzzle could be added courtesy of Dane Whitman dusting off his ebony blade in Eternals.

As for who left these weapons to Wenwu and Grandma Khan, the list of possibilities in the Earth-616 universe is short. Captain Marvel admits it has nothing to do with the alien technology she knows about, and Carol Danvers saw a together a lot of extraterrestrial technology. His comments should also rule out the Kree, since Captain Marvel knows the blue people intimately. A more compelling option is these weapons all belonging to Kang the Conqueror. We know the Kangster is coming to the MCU thanks to Jonathan Majors’ surprise appearance in Loki, and the comic book villain was originally a scientist from the far future harnessing time travel to conquer the multiverse. Perhaps Kang sent futuristic weapons such as Kamala Khan’s Ten Rings and Bracelet back in time so that he could one day retrieve them and live up to his name by dominating the Earth.

Ms. Marvel’s Shang-Chi Connection May Explain Kamala Khan’s MCU Future

Brie Larson and Mark Ruffalo as Captain Marvel and Bruce Banner in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Credits Scene

After his solo stint on Disney+ with Ms. Marvel is over, Iman Vellani will reappear in Captain Marvel 2otherwise known as Wonders. Suppose if Carol Danvers doesn’t have time to save Earth from a Celestial, she doesn’t have time to sign autographs for superfans, then what could possibly bring Kamala Khan closer to her idol? ? Ms. MarvelThe mysterious bracelet from might be the most important clue. Joining Wong and Bruce Banner in the post-credits of Shang Chi, Captain Marvel was among the Avengers actively investigating the origin of the Ten Rings and their strange beacon. Kamala Khan donning her family’s bracelet at AvengerCon might have created a similar phenomenon, meaning the Avengers finally approached her like they did with Shang-Chi and Katy, reuniting Captain Marvel and Ms. marvel in Wonders.

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If MCU Phase 4’s Mystical Weapons all somehow connect, the Relics would effectively become new Infinity Stones – incredibly ancient and incredibly powerful items that simultaneously create MCU superhero origin stories. and announce the arrival of a new big bad, whoever he is. Very little happens by coincidence in the MCU, so when two oddly comparable weapons are introduced in the same phase, there’s surely more of a parallel than just a lack of ideas. And while Ms. MarvelThe trailer of Shang Chi Initially, the series premiere dives deeper and deeper down that rabbit hole, providing more evidence that Kamala Khan’s live-action MCU powers are much more than an arbitrary comic book change – they’re threaded into a tapestry that Phase 4 has already begun to weave.

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Ms. Marvel continues Wednesday on Disney+.

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