mayla classic collaborates with Madoka Magica for the shoe line


Women’s fashion brand mayla classic is currently taking orders for a series of shoes based on the Puella Magi Madoka Magica magic girl series.

The mayla classic × Puella Magi Madoka Magica ICONIC SHOES OBJECT PUMPS collection includes five pairs of shoes, each representing one of the magic madoka‘s five heroines. The shoes feature a ribbon and soul gem charm as part of their designs. The charm can be removed and used as a clutch or bag accessory. The insoles of the shoes feature the collaboration’s logo, while the outsoles have runic designs.

Descriptions of the shoes (via google translate feature on mayla classic website site, with some minor edits) are as follows:

Madoka Kaname (Model.01)

A graceful color palette of pure pink and white in the image of kindness and pure heart.
Exquisite coloring with a soft and pleasant charm.
A collector’s item inspired by Madoka.

Homura Akemi (Model.02)

A fresh and mysterious purple and black color palette that creates a brilliant atmosphere.
Clean and mature coloration easy to integrate into everyday use.
A collector’s item inspired by Homura.

Mami Tomoe (Model.03)

A play of white and yellow colors with softness and radiance.
Luxurious colors that are both mature and cute.
A collector’s item inspired by Mami.

Sayaka Miki (Model.04)

A deep blue color palette with a dignified yet feminine vibe.
Gives you a refreshing and elegant style.
A collectible item inspired by Sayaka.

Kyoko Sakura (Model.05)

A red color palette that lifts your mood.
It gives you both the strength and the magnificent charm of the core.
A collectible item inspired by Kyoko.

Meanwhile, the classic mayla × Puella Magi Madoka Magica ICONIC SHOES OBJECT PUMPS The collaboration shoebox features Kyubey’s face on the outside, while the inside features images of the witches and their familiars along with other related imagery.

Each of the shoes costs 33,660 yen (~247 USD) including taxes. Each purchase comes with a matching set of four postcards, which feature photos of characters from the anime. More details can be found on the classic mayla site.

mayla classic has already collaborated with anime like Violet Evergarden and Attack on Titan: The Final Season.

Source: Press release


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