Local contest winner visits primary school students


Denesse Wilson was left speechless when she found out she had been crowned Miss Amazing Jr. Teen 2022 from North Dakota.

“It was pretty amazing actually,” Wilson said.

She has a learning disability, but does not allow it to interfere with her studies. She passed all of her classes and is now in first grade in high school.

“It makes it harder for me to learn in school and I need things to be read to me,” Wilson said.

During her visit with second graders, she read the book “Just The Way You Are” by Karen McMahon. Not only did Wilson read this story, but she also shared her own story with the students.

“I have to try to tell people that they matter, no matter what their issue is,” Wilson said.

” It is an excellent idea. Denesse represents all girls but especially those with disabilities. Melissa Mutschler, a second-grade teacher at Myher Elementary School, said.

Now, Wilson will travel to Nashville, TN to compete in the National Miss Amazing Jr. Teen pageant. She needs to raise around $4,000 to make it happen.

“We have to earn money and plane tickets, gas, a car ride, a hotel and all that,” Wilson said.

In an effort to raise these funds, she makes coloring books to sell and also accepts donations from the community. In the meantime, she will prepare to show her resilience and her ambition in front of the other competitors.

“I’ll do my best not to freak out in front of people on stage,” Wilson said.

National Miss Amazing Jr. Teen will be July 29-31 in Nashville, TN. You can make a donation and support it by clicking here.


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