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This week, we’re spotlighting new gaming gear from a classic electronics brand, a home collection made entirely from reclaimed wood, and a face (and body) mist with hyaluronic acid for soothe redness of the skin, among other novelties and shopping news. .

New this week

  1. Sony has opened pre-orders for its INZONE gaming headsets, which use Sony’s 360 Spatial Sound technology to enhance the PC gaming experience. Sony’s INZONE H9 will have up to 32 hours of battery life, its INZONE H7 will have up to 40 hours, and you can also pre-order its wired headphones, the INZONE H3 if you’re nostalgic for a childhood passed to you. wrap in earphone cords.
  2. Sony also announced two gaming monitors, though they won’t be available for pre-order until later this summer. This includes the INZONE M9, which has 4K resolution, and the M3, which has 1080p resolution. Both are 27 inches tall.
  3. Avocado launched a Zero Waste collection – handcrafted accessories like a coffee table, wooden stool, side table and hall table made from 100% recycled wood.
  4. Everyday Humans has announced Take Five Reviving Aloe Mist, a lightweight, multi-purpose face and body mist that Everyday Humans says should soothe skin and calm redness, thanks to its “desert extract blend” and its hyaluronic acid ingredients, respectively.
  5. Cloudpaper has launched a pack of three reusable paper towels called Swish Cloths (more commonly known as Swedish tea towels). They are made from plant-based materials and are great for cleaning up accidental spills.
  6. Allbirds has teamed up with Lindsay Lohan to debut a hot pink coloring on their latest performance shoe, the Tree Flyer. We’ve already reported on the Tree Flyer, which Allbirds says has a midsole that’s 30% lighter than its other shoes.

On sale this week

Here are some of our favorite current sales from brands and retailers we think you should know about.

  1. J.Crew is offering 70% off various items with code GOFOURTH.
  2. Target is offering up to 50% off various items during its July 4 sale, which is live through Monday.
  3. REI’s 4th of July sale with a 40% sale on men’s and women’s apparel, watercraft, swimwear, as well as camping and hiking gear.
  4. Vitruvi is offering 30% off its Stone Diffuser, which helps NBC News Select staff fall asleep faster.
  5. Like Target and REI, Baublebar is hosting a 4th of July sale, with items starting at $10.

Shopping news: Panasonic’s modular personal care system and Parachute’s Nordstrom pop-in

  1. Panasonic, a Select favorite that makes some of our favorite products — from rice cookers to facial steamers — has announced a “modular personal care system” called MultiShape that you can use to brush your teeth and trim body hair. your nose (using different props, of course). The MultiShape arrives in August.
  2. Parachute, which makes one of our favorite down comforter inserts and oversized Turkish towels, is now selling a portion of its collection at Nordstrom. At Parachute’s Nordstrom “pop-in” (a cute term to differentiate it from the pop-up), you’ll be able to find the brand’s linen loungewear, in addition to towels and bathrobes.
  3. Speaking of Nordstrom, the store’s anniversary sale begins on July 15. If you’re a NordClub member – you’re in luck – it starts a week earlier, on July 9. You’ll be able to find discounts on products from some of our favorite brands like Outdoor Voices, Nike, Great Jones and Levi’s.

What we bought this week

  • The Chef’n DishGarden looks – and the name sounds – ridiculous. But when the only free space on your counter is about 14 inches by 14 inches and you need something colorful and contemporary to dry your dishes with, this will come in handy. (And a.) The DishGarden comes with two utensil holders that move (so you can remove or add them at will) and it has a drain spout that you can open or close if you want to keep your countertop dry . —Justin Krajeskiassociate editor
  • Shortly after summer hit New York, my wife and I decided we wanted to try and recreate some semblance of the winters we’d spent by the pool in Dubai over the years while making visiting family. To that end, we’ve grabbed a simple, highly-rated, and affordable inflatable pool (selected writer Mili Godio explains how to choose one yourself in our guide to these pools). Although it didn’t include an air pump – those are cheap, like this popular option from Etekcity that I found – the pool was very easy to set up. Spread it out, inflate each of the three rings that make up the pool, and you’re good to go. It’s big enough to seat four or five adults comfortably and about a dozen if everyone’s crowding together. And emptying it is also quite simple: you open two valves at one end of the pool and the water drains out in about an hour. For $70, it’s well worth the price of a dip in cool water on a hot weekend day – of course you’ll need outdoor space and a hose (easier said than New York). — Gideon GrudoManaging Editor
  • Last summer, in a small AirBnB in the south of France, I turned on my Revlon One-Step to do a nice hairstyle before a dinner of sole meunière with a view of the Mediterranean. The hair tool lasted about 3 seconds before it looked like a jet engine taking off and crashing. “Careful, you’ll burn your hair!” yelled my French friend. European voltage and American sockets do not mix. I won’t bore you with the math, but I will tell you that I bought the BaBylissPRO Dual Voltage Curling Iron to keep my locks looking glam for a trip to Portugal this summer. Dual voltage is key: when paired with a voltage converter, it should allow you to style your hair the way you want (not burn it out). — Christina Colizzaeditor

What we recommended this week

  1. To recommend sunburn treatments, we talked to doctors about how to treat a sunburn and what you should look for in over-the-counter products that provide relief (and how to know if you should seek treatment). additional).
  2. To recommend affordable ellipticals, we’ve compiled seven highly rated options that all cost under $500.
  3. To recommend insect repellent, we followed expert advice to find a highly-rated, EPA-registered DEET insect repellent. If you want a DEET-free option, we’ve also included a few insect repellents that don’t use this ingredient.
  4. To recommend washable rugs, we spoke to experts about their benefits and compiled some highly rated options that are machine washable and made from water-resistant synthetic fibers.
  5. To recommend clarifying shampoos, we consulted a doctor and two hairstylists, who gave us suggestions for use with different hair types and needs, including fine, curly, and dry hair.
  6. To recommend a mouthwash, we spoke to dentists and other experts about the most important ingredients and for whom – we then highlighted six therapeutic mouthwashes.

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