LaGrange School District Welcomes Migrant Children


LAGRANGE, Ill. — When migrants arrived in Chicago after being bussed from Texas, they typically stayed at the Salvation Army for several days before being moved to hotels in surrounding suburbs.

Delilah Martinez – owner of Vault Gallerie in Pilsen – has worked to meet migrants and bring in donations to help their children start school.

“It’s a fragile and very sensitive time for these families,” Martinez said. “They went through eight states, a jungle, rivers, they saw dead people along the way…all kinds of things they had to go through just to get here.”

The latest arrivals Martinez has organized to help are a group of 40 Venezuelans staying at a hotel in Countryside. 17 of the 40 Venezuelans are children who just started school Monday in District 105 in LaGrange.

“A lot of [the children] say they want to go to school,” said Ricky Medina, a volunteer who works with Martinez. “So we take [them] coloring books [because] they say, ‘when I go to school’ they want that.

District 105 said it has received enough donations to help students start school, but you can still drop off items at the Vault Gallerie in Pilsen as coats, shoes and toys for children are still needed.

A GoFundMe page has also been set up if you would like to make a monetary donation.


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