Knowledge Channel’s ‘Art Smart’ Celebrates 1st Anniversary – Manila Bulletin


Knowledge Channel’s online arts and crafts show “Art Smart” celebrated a year of helping kids express their creativity through simple-to-make art projects with a special episode in which host Teacher Precious Gamboa was joined in Zoom by students for the first time.

Since the show launched last year on Knowledge Channel’s Facebook page and the SeenZone channel on Kumu, Teacher Precious would be the only one on screen as she conducted her art class. But in the birthday special, the kids and their parents were with her in Zoom, providing more interaction with each other.

“The energy is different when you interact directly with the children, as if you can hear their voices, their facial expressions and their work in detail. It makes you really happy and teaching them becomes more personal when you are with them. Comments are also immediate, which makes it fun for me as a teacher,” explained Teacher Precious.

Nonetheless, she is grateful to have the opportunity to reach and teach more children through their usual virtual setup.

“Boundaries promote creativity. Because the show is broadcast online, I can reach more students even if they are far away. Plus, since it’s recorded, they can watch it anytime. In other words, these limitations have helped us not only reach more people, but also make the show more accessible and enjoyable for children,” she added.

According to Teacher Precious, art can help children and even adults cope with stress, especially during a pandemic.

“Art can be a form of self-expression. When we express ourselves visually, we can process more of the things and events around us. It reflects our thoughts, feelings and wishes and helps children realize their emotions by creating a keepsake or time capsule of their experiences through art,” explained the host of Art Smart.

The anniversary special with the theme “My Art Smart Journey” highlighted the works of young students who have joined Teacher Precious in her weekly art workshop throughout the year as they create a 3D gallery from coloring materials and colored paper showcasing their favorite creations.

Teacher Precious was also able to sit down with special guest teacher Rizalina Plan from Malabon Primary School to share her experiences and insights into teaching arts and crafts to children.

As part of its ongoing Homeschooling campaign, Knowledge Channel presented the show to sharpen children’s creative thinking and promote self-expression by teaching various artistic techniques, fun project-making activities and so much more with the help of Teacher Precious while staying safe at home.

He has also helped many teachers across the country teach young students about arts and crafts despite the limitations brought by remote learning efforts.

Kids can have fun with Teacher Precious in “Art Smart,” with new episodes airing live weekly every Friday at 11 a.m. on the Knowledge Channel Facebook page and Kumu’s SeenZone channel.

Previous episodes of “Art Smart” also air on Knowledge Channel via cable, direct-to-home satellite and digital television (DTT) every Tuesday at 4 p.m., with reruns Thursday and Saturday in the same timeslot.




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