Kinder Middle students give back to their community


Kinder, LA (KPLC) – Students at Kinder Middle School are learning the importance of making face-to-face social connections.

Every Thursday and Friday, students devote 15 to 20 minutes to “buzz time”.

“We learn how to make friends, what kindness is, and how to project kindness onto our friends,” said seventh-grade student Kennedy Broussard.

School counselor Candice Rice explains why.

“This year, we decided to really go back to basics. We’ve given up on technology, we’ve given up on Chromebooks and we just want our students to learn how to talk to each other, how to respect themselves, other students and we thought it would be a good idea to extend that to the community said Rice.

It’s called social-emotional learning, and it’s one of the school’s newest programs that has now extended beyond the doors of the classroom – and students are fully on board.

“Well, I think everyone should celebrate their birthday with people, but since she’s at the nursing home, we want to show her how much we care about her,” student Ethan Victorian said.

From handmade birthday cards to gift bags full of treats, college student Kennadi LaFargue says her motivation is simple.

“I want people to feel like even if they don’t have family, they have someone to look up to and they can do anything through Christ,” she said. .

This is a project that arouses the enthusiasm of students and teachers and, to continue their initiative, Kinder Middle School is accepting donations. For a list of supplies or more information on how you can help, you can go to the schools Facebook page or just stop by their school.

Suggested supplies include crossword puzzles, snacks (cookies, chips, sugar-free candies), adult coloring books, lip balm, lotions and more.


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